The Success of Tidal Business under Desiree Perez

Are you familiar with the name Desire Perez? She is a music producer who has brought great changes in the music industry and has helped them thrive to greater heights. Desire is skilled personnel in music showing excellent managerial, negotiating and accounting skills. These skills have credited her a chance in working with most famous musicians in their production like in Beyonce’s formation stadium tour, Rihanna’s dancing business with Samsung and also with Jay-Z in his firm.

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The Tidal firm has not been going through a smooth journey in the management of the industry as most of their executives stepped down leaving Jay-Z alone but he remained stable to save the business from freezing. Jay-Z, the founder of the tidal firm, tried to deviate to another plan to ensure it survives as many people thought it would close down with members leaving. Fortunately, the tidal company was no longer surviving but back to competition after the joining of Desiree in the business.

Desiree Perez brought a lot of changes to the firm with a sudden increase in the new membership and many fans behind tidal. According to her, the main focus was to ensure that the industry got a high number of new members. Jay-Z gave Perez the responsibilities of finalizing some of the multi-million dollar contracts, and she performed excellently with the ROC Nation contracts.

Although Jay-z doesn’t know all the tricks in the trade business, he understands how to place the right person in their place of work. He has never missed skilled personnel in the field of need, more of this on   Desire has helped tidal business in the transition from rap music to streaming. Perez knows how to finalize those most lucrative contracts for artists and tidal enterprise, and many clients have signed up with the firm as they understand there is a person behind it. She has also helped the tidal app and the streaming music to grow becoming popular among the youths, more of this on

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