Resolving the perennial transport problems in Williamson County

One of the problems that have been affecting Williamson County for many years is a disorganized transport system. The problem has been festering for the longest time and just recently, it was the subject of discussion at a county hall meeting. They reached an agreement that very many changes need to be made to the system to make it serve the people better.

Mike Heiligenstein, the executive director to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority spoke at the meeting and said that with the changes that were happening in the world of technology, changing the systems is very important.

One of the examples that he gave was the driverless car that companies like Google were working on. He explained that if that and other related technologies were to take effect in the next few years, they needed to have the right structures to support it.

He was quick to state that if the company took this opportunity and invested in making their system up to date, they would reap huge benefits from the innovations. In addition to that, all the current issues would be eliminated.

He noted the efforts that the county was making in rearranging the infrastructure and making it fit the current conditions. He was concerned about the surge in population, a trend that had been going on for the past few decades. Learn more about more Mike Heiligenstein:

He noted that people were moving a lot from the rural areas to the urban areas. He was quick to remind the administration that if they wanted to sustain the increased number of people, change was very necessary.

The people of the county got a chance to discuss their views on the sector. They were happy about the fact that the land codes had not changed in a long time and they hoped that thing would stay the same.

This was seen as one of the best ways to make sure that had the systems that would come together with the new roads such as filling stations and garages would be easily accommodated.

The CEO and founder of Uber were present at the meeting and also reiterated the need to fix the issues in the transport sector. He was quick to note that when the systems were made better, services such as Uber would become even cheaper than they were.

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Mobility Authority. This is a group that was set up 15 years ago to address the emerging transport issues of the area. Mike has served the community in different capacities as a public official for more than two decades.