Angela Koch Named Key Contributor

The CEO of the largest private distributor of precious metals in the United States was recently provided a new designation, which will give her the ability to communicate to millions of people on a regular basis. According to GlassDoor, Angela Koch, who is the CEO of the US Money Reserve, was recently named a key contributor of the Huffington Post, which is something that is reserved to only a select few bloggers and industry experts.

Koch has been providing interviews, perspectives, and short blogs to the Huffington Post for years. Thanks to the new designation, she will be able to provide her insights on a more than regular basis. It is believed that Koch will be updating her blog with the Huffington Post on a regular basis, will be regularly interviewed for her perspective on current events, and will find additional ways to contribute to the website.

The Huffington Post will likely be interested in Koch’s perspective on a variety of subjects, particularly on the financial markets and how it could impact businesses such as the US Money Reserve. She will also be focusing heavily on the upcoming presidential election, which will be a continuation on the amount of coverage and insight he provided following both of the primaries and ensuing conventions.

As the CEO of the US Money Reserve, Koch oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and helps to plan for the future of the company. The US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of bullion in the United States. The company prepares and sells a variety of products including gold coins, bars, silver and platinum products, and other keepsakes to both collectors and investors.