Talos Energy first to drill in Mexican waters in over 80 years

Oil and natural gas is a commodity that most people use in their daily lives without thinking twice about it. People use it for everything from heat to power run cars, and everything in between. Mexico has oil resources offshore that have been untouched by foreign companies for a long time until now. For the first time in eighty years they are allowing a private company set an offshore oil well in their waters.

It will be a joint venture for Houston’s Talos Energy LLC, Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas, and London-based Premier Oil Plc to start drilling on May 21st. It will cost premier 16 million dollars and will take 90 days to complete. They expect to get 100 to 500 million gallons of crude oil. Mexico voted to open to foreign oil companies, and the three companies won rights to the prospect in 2015. This is a part of the country’s energy reform process. There is a high chance of success said Elaine Reynolds, an analyst at London-based Edison Investment Research Ltd. Talos owns 35 percent of the well and is the operator of the well. Premier Oil Plc owns 25 percent and Sierra Oil & Gas holds 40 percent. An an analyst at Canaccord Genuity Ltd said this should be the most interesting wells to be drilled. Hopefully for the three companies this works out and they strike success.

Talos Energy LLC is a privately Houston-based gas and oil company founded in 2012. They focus on offshore exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gases in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast.

Timothy S. Duncan is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Talos Energy. The company is backed with investment funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management LLC, Talos management, and Riverstone Holdings LLC.

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Everybody In The IT Office Is Buzzing About NuoDB

You make ask yourself, what is the point in switching to NuoDB when there are already so many options out there? Well, NuoDB is the only cloud database software optimized to work with distributed computing. Typically, SQL databases will perform poorly on clusters. NuoDB is pretty much the only viable option for large enterprises to utilized their server farms.

Cluster computing technology is not a new thing but it is typically used for simplified software projects. NuoDB is ahead of the curve with one of the most complex pieces of software in distributed computing. The more physical servers that are added to the network, the more efficient SQL database requests will become.

NuoDB wasn’t always referred to as NuoDB. In 2008, the founders named the project Nimbus DB. Deciding that the name was not so sleek, they had renamed the project to its current name. Since the name change, NuoDB has become immensely popular with venture capital companies.

Right now, several companies had already switched their servers over to the superiority of cloud computing. Alfa Systems and the UAE Exchange are a couple big names that come to mind. Since it is based on SQL technology, it is easy to port over old databases to NuoDB.

Honey Birdette Launches Online Platform

In the United Kingdom, a lot of shoppers are not walking around to visit stores anymore. Today, more people are too busy to do a lot of shopping and instead use online options that are a lot more convenient. Over time, Honey Birdette is excited about the plans that are being made for the company to take some things online. Honey Birdette is a local shop that has struggled in the past to get customers in the door. The shop has a lot of things that can be offered, and they want to make sure they are thinking about the long term trajectory of the company.

Honey Birdette

From the time the company started out in business, Honey Birdette has always wanted to make a positive impact in the local community. This is the type of company that provides quality products and services that will help them continue to invest in the future of the business. If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, this is one of the best ways to do so. Honey Birdette is investing in an online platform that is going to allow customers to go online to purchase products and services. Whatever the changes that are made, there are going to be a lot of people who start to see what is going to happen in order to make a positive impact in the future.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Honey Birdette is a great business that a lot of people are excited about. With all of the changes that are going on in the economy of retail, companies like Honey Birdette must make changes that will help them stay relevant with customers today. If they cannot make those changes, a lot of things could go wrong for their financial future.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America personalizes cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America operate on the belief that every cancer is unique just as the person who is fighting the disease. Advances in treatments are evolving on a regular basis and the fight must evolve as well. Each patient requires a personalized care plan that works for them and with them. Providing all of the resources a patient requires under one roof to prevent wasting time and eliminating undo stress.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America personalizes care that is delivered by trained experts that understand the complexities of every stage of every type of cancer. So each person battling cancer will have a treatment plan that is personalized strictly for them based on their type of cancer, their body type, their personal needs, and other personal needs. Each plan has doctors, dietary, therapies, treatment goals, testing, support teams, and other resources.
Recently Cancer Treatment Centers of America in collaboration with Evita, AllScripts and NantHealth implemented a technical solution that will create a platform which will enable all three to integrate together.
For the first time, AllScripts Sunrise electronic health records will access their clinical work flows into the decision support solution of NantHealth. With eviti a SaaS-based point-of-care clinical decision support platform all of three merging will permit oncologists to easily and quickly access treatment regimens, costs, outcomes and so much more.
This platform will customize the treatments even more. Real-time evidence-based treatment regimens for all cancer types can also reduce and eliminate redundant testing. Costs can be lowered. Supporters and investors want to see evidence-based data and this will provide that. Patients want to see success stories and this will show that. Insurance companies want to see lower costs, and this will show that. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

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How Mike Baur and Swiss Start Up Factory Help Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur spent almost 20 years in the banking industry working at some of the biggest Swiss banks including UBS Wealth Management, Clariden Leu. He is now involved in assisting other entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, including his work with the Swiss Startup Factory. Another company that he founded in the last few years and leads is think reloaded.ag. He is also the Vice President of Innovation Lab Fribourg.

It was in January 2015 that Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory along with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. He is the Executive Chairman of the company and the Deputy Managing Director of its subsidiary, Swiss Startup Invest. In both positions, he lends his financial expertise that he developed throughout his career as well as his experience in founding a company.

The main service that Swiss Startup Factory offers to entrepreneurs is the Startup Accelerator Program where over the course of 3 months they help them with coaching, mentoring, financing, and other services. These other services can include bookkeeping, payroll management, cash flow reports, and other business services. The company also offers an affordable office space that the entrepreneur can work in and be around like-minded people who are also looking to get their business off the ground. Another key feature of the Accelerator Program is that they give their clients access to Swiss Startup Factory’s wide array of entrepreneurial and investor networks.

Besides being one of the top executives at Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur serves as a mentor to many of the clients that are going through the company’s program. He also supports many of them financially get their business off the ground and running.

Due to his history in the world of banking Mike Baur has been able to set up a strong Advisory Board at Swiss Startup Factory made up of entrepreneurs and financiers. A great many mentors are needed at the company as it received over 1500 startup applications in just 2016.

While Swiss Startup Factory is in Zurich, Mike Baur grew up in Fribourg, Switzerland. He developed a strong interest in banking as a child. In order to pursue his dreams he attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern where he graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance. He continued his education and earned an MBA in 2008 from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA in the same year from the University of Bern.



How Doug Levitt Became What He Is

They say that our childhood experiences help shape they way we are seen as adults. This could certainly hold true for Doug Levitt. He grew up in Washington D.C. as a Republican Councilwoman’s son and sang in a choir. These two experiences led him to a life as an activist and songwriter. He grew up being able to express his love for music, all the while absorbing what his mother did for a living. The combination of these two very different talents led him, at first, to be an overseas correspondent for CNN news. A respectable career choice, that’s for sure. That reflected the part of him that was interested in current affairs. This interest later morphed into his love of music while retaining his love for travel and documenting current affairs.


The way he documents it now and exactly who he documents is what changed. He seemed to mature into a man who was driven more by passion than career, all the while staying true to what he was. The end result of this is a man who is making a difference in America one city at a time, and getting there mainly by Greyhound bus. He seems to believe that the best way to tell the stories of every day working and struggling Americans, is by being on the ground floor with them. That belief is serving him well, as evidenced through his photography and music. This is a man with an immense amount of talent and drive whose artistic expressions help bring to light the struggles that we face here in America. If you have not had the time yet to check out his website “The Greyhound Diaries”, do yourself a favor, visit the site and go on a road trip with Doug Levitt. You are sure to enjoy the experience.


InnovaCare Health under Firm Leadership of Rick Shinto

Healthcare is an area that the government has been emphasizing and giving a lot of attention. It is an important sector that the government is always keen to address so as to ensure that every citizen receives services that are quality and up to standard. As a result, the government decided to come up with ways so as to make sure there is the development of healthcare systems. Private companies were introduced as that the industry can be competitive and can thrive. Different companies entered in the race when Medicare Advantage and other services that are related were introduced. The companies offer support to the program so as to ensure widespread and easy access to the services.

InnovaCare Health has been in the industry for over a decade now. Since it was started, the company has been successful in the provision of healthcare services on hrmronline.com becoming the best company regarding the delivery of healthcare services in the country. It offers its services in Puerto Rico, but it has extended its services to the whole of North America. The extension of the services is because of public demand because InnovaCare offers excellent services. Its growth can be attributed to the right leadership. It is led by professionals such as Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides who are taking on the company. With this kind of leadership, the company is heading in the right direction.

Rick Shinto

He is a qualified professional who has been serving in the executive position for more than twenty years. He became the best to lead the company because of his expertise and rich career background. He is a researcher on danielestraus.org and a clinical expert. He uses his research skills to do away with the challenges that make people not to access quality healthcare. He has in the past served Aveta as the President and also the Chief Executive Officer. He has also served many other private and public institutions. That is what gave him the experience that is needed to take InnovaCare to the right places.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is also experienced in the field of Biological Medicine. She has been working as a professional for over two decades. That means that Penelope Kokkinides is experienced and can be able to serve InnovaCare. Penelope Kokkinides has also helped many different companies and also served Aveta before making her way to InnovaCare to become the Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope Kokkinides leads the way
and as such InnovaCare has been known to offer excellent services.