The Girls of Soul Eater


Sometimes going to school can be dangerous. “Soul Eater” is popular anime based on the adventures of high schoolers divided between wielders and weapons: Some of her friends are capable of turning into various weapons and they train with others at the Death Weapon Meister Academy in order become more effective at fighting supernatural threats. Two of those characters are rather formidable females. While this isn’t a harem anime, it certainly boasts an incredible assortment of female characters.


Maka Albarn is a highly skilled meister who is the daughter of a weapon and his wielder. She wields Soul who is capable of turning into a scythe; the two of them are one of the school’s most formidable pairs. Maka’s sense of honor and justice has enabled her to defeat others her peers and even teachers were unable to. She finds herself at odds with her father due to his womanizing and her partner due to his foolishness, often hitting both with a book over the head, but rarely stays mad at them for long.


Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is a force for peace yet is able to transform into a variety of weapons, the likes of which you don’t usually see outside of mecha anime. She is paired with Black Star, who is a force for chaos, but is able to temper his crazier schemes. While she has her own dark past, as she is from a weapon family with its share of demons, literally, and must deal with that heritage numerous times. However, she always seems to be the one who calms things down, and is usually the voice of reason. While the anime is geared towards comedy, there are nonetheless some great serious moments making for an interesting study in kids dealing with their problems.