Quiet Yet Effective

We all have different roads we take in life, and we all choose them at different times for different reasons. Doug Levitt does what he does now because he found out at an earlier age that music was how he could express his beliefs the best. His beliefs center around helping people and, in his own way, that’s what Doug does by traveling the Greyhound lines and putting experiences to music.


What this does is give a voice to voiceless. All the people who, for their own reasons, travel the Greyhound lines and live what others consider to be a marginal life. Lives that by all accounts are really just average. The lives portrayed on T.V., the movies and other venues of entertainment are just that: Entertainment. They do not accurately reflect the reality of American life as most of us experience it. This is the reality that Doug Levitt brings to life through music, and his website The Greyhound Diaries.


Doug is quietly becoming an American treasure by doing what he does. He is not as well known as he should be, but hopefully that will change soon. You can hear his songs on his website as well as on Soundcloud. As time passes, more songs are added which gives more layers of Americana for us see. This is all a quiet yet effective thing that Mr. Levitt is doing. Just like the lives of the people he is chronicling……quiet yet effective. You don’t see them much, you don’t hear much about them on the news, yet they are the people who, through hard work every day, help make America what it is. Great.