A Must See Movie For All: Don’t Breathe


One of my best all time horror movies rated pg13 when it comes to suspense would be the movie, “Don’t Breathe.” Don’t Breathe has been titled as one of the best horror movies in a long time. It is from the creators that made Evil Dead. Three kids are looking to escape their home situation that they are not happy with. They decide to make money in what they would think is the easy way. They also hope to hit it big this time in hopes to retire.

They burglarize peoples houses but this time they came across the wrong house. The home where they find an end to their quest is in a remote area where no one can be heard. Only one man lives in this home, a retired veteran. This movie has plenty of unexpected surprises and the ending is not at all what you may think it to be. It also gives the audience what they are cheering for, and everyone cheers for the wise guy to go down first. One thing to keep in mind about this movie, is that maybe they are all bad guys, or perhaps they are all but few, good. You will not relax for one moment. And you may want to see it once more. All movies do come to an end, but I do believe there may be a part two, but that is up to the audience to decide. This movie is very impressing. It left me wanting more.  Maybe not as scary as some found footage horror movies I’ve seen in the past, but it’s so worth the journey.