Marc Sparks: Serial Entrepreneur And Committed Philanthropist

You don’t need to be a great student to be successful in business. Marc Sparks is living proof of that. After struggling in high school and graduating with a ‘C’ average, he’s gone on to found or run dozens of companies. He has written a book about his journey to success called ‘They Can’t Eat You‘. In it Sparks talks about the pain, preparation and prosperity his journey has created. The book is an inspirational story about how to succeed in the face of seemingly overwhelming obstacles and devastating circumstances and the wisdom overcoming difficult circumstances imparts.

Marc Sparks has been an entrepreneur since 1975 when he graduated from high school. In that time Sparks has been involved with several dozen start-up companies. And the vast majority of them have been successful. The former ‘C’ student once generated as much as $200 million in income in a single year through his companies.

He also made some wise investments in telecommunications, real estate, IT, insurance companies, holding companies, business solutions and venture investing in multiple portfolio companies. Sparks is currently head of the Dallas, Texas based investment company Timber Creek Capital.

Much of the success he has enjoyed Marc Sparks credits to the help of a higher power. He says God put him through the hardships and challenges to help him understand and master the responsibilities he would need to prosper and teach him humility.

Sparks says all of his success and the hundreds of millions of dollars he has earned was made possible only by the grace of God. He combines that grace with faith, passion, focus, tenacity, business savvy and a sense of urgency and is guided by the mandate to treat customers fairly and with honesty and respect.

Sparks is also committed to philanthropy. Since the 1980s he’s supported the homeless shelter The Samaritan Inn, helped Habitat for Humanity build houses and worked with the American Can! Academy. He also funds programs offering health services, counseling, family services, job placement and financial education and serves hundreds of people each day.

He has also donated over 1,000 new computers to at-risk children. All of this is part of Sparks’ mission to do what he can to break the cycle of poverty for struggling children and adults.

Being a billionaire isn’t Marc Sparks’ goal. He’s rich because he has his health, loving family, good friends and happy staff and customers.