Striving For Excellence With Dr. Jennifer Walden

Some people are driven in life. They want to rise to the top of their fields and dedicate their lives to reaching for excellence. Such is the case with one of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons.Dr. Jennifer Walden is one doctor who has risen to the top of her field and done so quickly. She is someone who comes to work each day knowing that she is doing work that will really make a difference in her patient’s lives. It is this feeling of being part of something larger and wonderful that has pushed to become an even better plastic surgeon in life. Ever since she was a small child, she knew that the world of medicine would be her own.


The Best Possible Training


It was with the goal of entering medical school that Dr. Walden decided to aim for academic excellence as a young woman. As a young woman, growing up in Austin, she also found a community that was totally supportive of her goals in this field. She began to formulate a plan that she hoped would lead her forward and let her develop her skills fully in all ways. After attending the University of Texas, she wanted to attend medical school. Her hopes were temporarily dashed when she was wait-listed.


Back Home


Her training in the field continued in New York City where she completed a fellowship in a highly prestigious hospital here. After finishing this training, she made the decision to return home and open up her own practice in plastics. Walden knew that Austin was not only a great place for her practice but also an equally wonderful place for her to raise her own twin boys. Since then, she has become a much admired member of the community that people here have turned to in order to get the best possible medical services they can find. She hopes to remain here in this wonderful city.


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