Desiree Perez And Her Connection With Jay Z And Roc Nation

Live Nation and Jay Z has a deal for $150 million that is now coming to an end. The deal was signed in 2008 and was for a ten year period. When the deal expires either party could sell their stake in Roc Nation or purchase the company. According to sources although Live Nation no longer wants to be a part of the recorded music side they do want to continue their touring deal.

An insider stated Live Nation is not extending the deal since they no longer purchase recorded music. The Roc Nation artists consist of Fat Joe, Shakira, Meek Hill, Jay and Rihanna. Desiree Perez is Jay Z’s business partner. They had a meeting with Lucian Grainge, Universal Music Groups CEO and Chairman. The speculation is UMG may be interested in purchasing a stake in Roc Nation. This would give Jay the resources for new artist development.  Hop over to for related article.

Desiree Perez and Jay Z have been close associates for nearly twenty years. They have an extremely long track record in the running of SC Enterprises. Desiree has proven she is highly qualified for her position and is extremely skilled when it comes to number crunching. She has a reputation as a tough negotiator and even Cookie from the Empire would not risk taking her on. For blogs and timeline updates, click this.

Desiree Perez had a part in the Beyoncé Formation stadium negotiations as well as in the deal made with Rihanna and Samsung.  Check on for additional article. She belongs to a collective that runs the operations of Roc Nation. This includes the aspects of publishing, management operations and labeling. This collective runs all of the forces behind Tidal.  Visit and have a glimpse of Dez new profile page.

This is a special collective of individuals and they call themselves the Circle of Influence. The other people involved with the group are Ty Ty Smith, Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim and Fleischman.  Related article on

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Desiree Perez Brings Positive Changes in Tidal

Music streaming has always been one of the best businesses in the world. The industry is very profitable, and people who have ventured into it have made a lot of wealth. Financial reports of individuals in the industry show that they make millions of dollars every month. Tidal is one of the most reputable businesses in this department, and it was established several years ago by renowned musician, Jay-Z. The music company, however, has had its fair share of challenges in the recent past. More of this on

Just recently Tidal announced that it had appointed Desiree Perez to work as the executive director of the company. Desiree is expected to bring the change everyone has been dreaming about. Since her appointment to the top position, Perez has brought several changes, and it is evident that she is heading in the right direction. For additiona article, try clicking

The poor performance of the music streaming company had forced Jay-Z to change the management several times. Some of the executives appointed chose to step down on their own due to the performance of the institution. Clients from all over the world thought that the establishment was about to freeze. To worsen the situation, several managers stepped down. Jay-Z had to come up with a plan to make his investment profitable.

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Desiree Perez has worked extremely hard to help Tidal get back on its feet. First of all, she has introduced new customers to keep the operations running. She has also made the new customers get an interest in the company. Experts in music streaming say that Jay-Z’s decision was the best for the enterprise. The successful businesswoman has a lot of expertise in the industry, and she understands the Tidal better than the owners. Since her appointment, the company has already conducted several transactions, earning millions of dollars. Her experience in the field has played a fundamental role in the success of Tidal, check this on

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The Success of Tidal Business under Desiree Perez

Are you familiar with the name Desire Perez? She is a music producer who has brought great changes in the music industry and has helped them thrive to greater heights. Desire is skilled personnel in music showing excellent managerial, negotiating and accounting skills. These skills have credited her a chance in working with most famous musicians in their production like in Beyonce’s formation stadium tour, Rihanna’s dancing business with Samsung and also with Jay-Z in his firm.

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The Tidal firm has not been going through a smooth journey in the management of the industry as most of their executives stepped down leaving Jay-Z alone but he remained stable to save the business from freezing. Jay-Z, the founder of the tidal firm, tried to deviate to another plan to ensure it survives as many people thought it would close down with members leaving. Fortunately, the tidal company was no longer surviving but back to competition after the joining of Desiree in the business.

Desiree Perez brought a lot of changes to the firm with a sudden increase in the new membership and many fans behind tidal. According to her, the main focus was to ensure that the industry got a high number of new members. Jay-Z gave Perez the responsibilities of finalizing some of the multi-million dollar contracts, and she performed excellently with the ROC Nation contracts.

Although Jay-z doesn’t know all the tricks in the trade business, he understands how to place the right person in their place of work. He has never missed skilled personnel in the field of need, more of this on   Desire has helped tidal business in the transition from rap music to streaming. Perez knows how to finalize those most lucrative contracts for artists and tidal enterprise, and many clients have signed up with the firm as they understand there is a person behind it. She has also helped the tidal app and the streaming music to grow becoming popular among the youths, more of this on

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Desiree Perez Helps Turn the Tides with the New Revamped Tidal Music Streaming App

Desiree Perez is the CEO of Tidal founded by Shawn Carter aka J –Z. Together with Dez Perez, Jay-Z is determined to change how music listeners can enjoy their favorite tunes using the less known streaming mode. With the help of Desiree Perez, Tidal has recently seen increased business with new memberships from music fans. Desiree seeks to attract more customers in, and make them stay on the tidal music platform.

Desiree Perez helped Tidal to complete some multi-million dollar deals. This is her specialty. She has been a low-key influence with the Roc Nation contracts. She has evolved with Tidal dealing as well. Perez is respected for negotiating cutthroat deals and turning them into profitable companies for artists and the Tidal App, additional article on She is behind Tindal’s massive streaming success. The Tidal app is now more famous than it once was.  For more, check on

Perez is an entertainment business mogul. She is married to OG Perez-head of Roc Nation Sports. She is a talented business negotiator with exceptional accounting abilities. She is credited with organizing Beyoncé’s Formation tour and a remarkable negotiator in Rihanna’s contract with Samsung. Perez is a member of the great Hova Circle. She was instrumental in the massive narcotics supply case in 1994. She was a key government undercover collaborator. She assisted the DEA put together winning cases against marked traffickers in Colombia and Puerto Rico. For more reading, follow Dez here

Perez and Jay-Z have been business partners since 2002. She helped the rapper manage his 40/40 nightclub in Las Vegas. By 2003, Dez and OG Perez were the proprietors of the 40/40 Club in Manhattan. The famous club is named after the exclusive group of Yankee players who have achieved 40 home runs and clinching 40 bases in an individual season. Perez is one of the most trusted Jay Z’s associates. She is also a part of Rihanna’s management team. Desiree Perez helped negotiate Roc Nation’s President, Robinson Cano in the $240 million deal with the Seattle Mariners.  Related article on

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The Woman behind Tidal’s Success – Desiree Perez

The fact that Tidal has lately undergone a rebirth, especially after nailing huge album exclusives in a row from famous artists such as Rihanna, T.I, Beyonce and Kanye West, is irrefutable. These wins earned the Tidal App the highest position it has ever obtained in the iTunes Store – thanks to Kanye West’s Tlop.  Check on

After several executives left the company, someone with a deeper passion and talent is driving things at Tidal. According to the sources behind the scene, Desiree Perez is the person responsible for the insurmountable success being witnessed at the company. Desiree and Jay Z have been close associates for almost 20 years. She boasts a track record of managing SC Enterprises. Together with her husband Juan Perez, Desiree also runs Roc Nation Sports.

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Among the things she is known for is her fierce negotiation skills and her extraordinary skills in matters accounting. No one needs to be told about Desiree’s managerial talents and her history in business especially in the entertainment industry. There is not a better word to describe Desiree as the term Boss does. According to Insiders, Desiree Perez negotiated Beyonce Formation Stadium Tour. She also offered immense contributions in the Rihanna Samsung deal. Hits Double Daily reported that Tidal had polished its music experience to concentrate on what is next and new, rather than to deal with a big catalog offering that is more expensive.  See

Desiree Perez is said to be a member of the dominating Hova Circle. Her spouse Juan Perez, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown, TyTy Smith and Chaka Pilgrim are part of this collective. Besides being the brains behind Roc Nation, they also play significant roles in Tidal as well. Many people know Des as a producer, well known for the 2014’s On the Run Tour: Beyonce & Jay Z and the 2013’s Change: The LifeParticle Effect.  More of this on

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