Desiree Perez Is Going To Streamline Tidal

There is a lot happening at Tidal. It is going to stream exclusive content that will only be for its Spring customers. This is just one of the exciting things. There is much more to follow.

Music streaming is a service that means big bucks. It is for those who wish to make millions of dollars. But Tidal is not doing so well. This is no secret in the industry today. This is exactly what their exec Desiree Perez will be trying to change. She has already made a lot of changes, and it is clear that this way Tidal will be around for a really long time.

Tidal has been through a lot. Its management has changed many times as its executives keep on moving out. But this is something that did not deter its founder, Jay-Z, additional article here. Most people thought that Jay-Z would give up soon, but he has been sure about his company. Even though its membership staggered and its management was stepping out, Jay-Z still maintained his trust in the company.

He was looking for other plans in order to save his investment. This is why Jay-Z has brought in Desiree Perez, click on for more of this.   This has made Tidal see a new thrust in its memberships. There is a sense of curiosity in its music fans. All this is the outcome of efforts made by Desiree Perez. Her aim was to bring the customers in. For this, she had to get them interested first.  To be updated to Dez timeline activities, be sure to head over to

There were a lot of alternatives that were tested by Jay-Z first. The best one was to bring in Desiree Perez. She has been able to finalize a few contracts worth multi-million dollars. In fact, this is her mainstay. She is doing all this with the Roc Nation contracts. Now she will be doing this with the Tidal business too.  For more of her, follow her on her page.

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Desiree Dez Perez’s Brilliant Mind is Behind the Recent Tidal Streaming Company’s Resurgence

The music industry is consistently on the rise, particularly in the United States. Veteran music companies invest heavily in the sector, making it hard for emerging companies to break into the lucrative market. When Tidal Music Streaming Company was established, it came face-to-face with this harsh reality. At some point, it appeared to have been on the verge of being bullied out of the industry. This scenario, however, has changed in the recent past, with Tidal appearing to take the industry by storm with a sequence of notable strides.

Tidal Resurgence

Desiree Perez is the lady behind the resurgence of Tidal Music Streaming Company. She is married to Jay Brown, a close friend, and confidant to celebrated artist and businessman, Jay-Z. Desiree and Jay Brown run the SC Enterprise where she made a name for herself due to her extraordinary management and negotiation skills. She was also able to portray herself as an ambitious and a hardworking lady who can go from length to length in pursuit of success. This personality attracted the attention of popular media houses, with New York Daily News giving her the title Babe Ruthless.  Learn more about her, click on

Under the able leadership of Desiree, Tidal has attracted renowned music superstars, such as Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Rihanna, who have released back-to-back albums with the firm. Consequently, the Tidal app has gained millions of new subscribers, which places it among the most popular app in the iTunes store.   Continue to read on

The Hova Circle of Influence

Desiree’s remarkable work accomplishments at Tidal earned her a place in the Hova Circle of Influence that comprises of famous and influential people, such as Jay-Z and Jay Brown. Hova Circle of Influence is the management team behind the day-to-day operations of ROC Nation and the Tidal Company. Other members of the Hova Circle are celebrities, such as Chaka Pilgrim, TyTy Smith, and Jana Fleischman.

The Rihanna Deal with Samsung

The epitome of Desiree’s negotiation skills was witnessed sometimes back when she single-handedly negotiated the deal for the Beyoncé Formation stadium tour. Sources within ROC Nation also revealed Rihanna landed a deal with Samsung thanks to Desiree’s relentless efforts.  Go straight to this related link.

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