Dez Perez Makes You Notice Tidal


Tidal is making waves, and people are getting interested in what this company can do. There was just a recent Tidal X benefit concert in New York and a ton of people came out for this. It was actually a sold out concert featuring artists like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Common, Alicia Key, T.I. and Common. Even the mystery woman of the night, Lauryn Hill, showed up and gave fans something interesting.


You no longer have to wonder how people feel about Tidal anymore. This is a company that has managed to rise above what anyone could have ever dreamed for the Tidal organization. This is the company that has a good number of irons in the fire. The music concerts that are streaming are a big deal for Tidal. The exclusive releases are also big news. Desiree Perez is somewhere in the midst of all of this, and fans are appreciative of what she has managed to do behind the scenes.


Tidal concerts are nothing new. Jay-Z has been fortunate enough to get some Tidal streaming for concerts featuring Prince last year before his passing.¬† This is what Nick Jonas did for Tidal fans. He let them see what the making of what “Last Year was Complicated” looked like.


There were also a lot of people that were interested in seeing exclusive new content in video format from Usher. It is with Tidal that he released an exclusive “No Limit” remix video for fans to see. This is why Dez Perez is important for Tidal. She may not be on the official staff, but she has a presence that is felt in the direction that Tidal is going in.


What Dez Perez has really done is help Tidal become much more personable. Spotify seems like a bit of a glorified playlist arranger by comparison. Tidal jumps out as you as a company that is run by someone in the music industry. It is a music streaming service that is on the lips of other celebrities that have ownership roles with Tidal. Now that Dez Perez is in place to help with the financial negotiations of contracts it is possible for Tidal to take the take lead in this music streaming industry.