Marvelous Makari De Suisse Promises Clearer Whiter More Radiant Skin Tone

Women with dark and ethnic complexions understand this all too well. Most beauty companies neglect the common imperfections found in our unique and lovely skin tones and offer us few choices to address these challenges.

Sure, there is hydroquinone out there, but that is a possibly dangerous bleaching chemical that can cause more harm than good. Hydroquinone has been found to trigger cancer in lab animals, and yet, many over-the-counter and even prescription products contain the chemical.

The finest solutions are the ones that feature a safe approach with scientifically proven methods to treat hyper-pigmentation issues like discolored patches, dark spots and acne scars. Makari De Suisse has become the world leader in safe and effective skin whitening and brightening. Their line-up contains zero chemicals and offers instead, rich well-made formulas that contain natural and healthy plant extracts and caviar extracts. The brand also has a magic bullet in Organiclarine, a non-medicated substance found in nature that brightens the complexion quickly and evenly balances the skin tone. The company has a patent on Organiclarine.

This light emulsion will never dry out your skin but will whiten and soften your body’s little imperfections. The formula halts excessive pigment formation and fades stretch marks, liver spots and scars with its amazing Organiclarine presence.

Makari Extreme Argan and Carrot gel is designed just for the complexion with natural lightening ingredients. Your face will feel soft, smooth and glow as your skin tone lightens and balances exquisitely. It’s intensive and advanced lightening in a gentle base, kind to even the most sensitive complexions. The formula contains Organiclarine and vitamins C and E.