Understanding the Importance of Investment Management

Investment management is a branch of asset management. It refers to the management of securities such as bonds, land, and stocks. Corporations, individuals as well as governments can benefit from this kind of asset management. The primary goal of investment management is to increase the value of assets.

It’s important to research thoroughly before picking an investment management advisor or company. First, determine the strategy of the manager/agency. A good investment management firm should guarantee a positive ROI. Some of these companies prefer investing in stocks while others opt for options with minimal risk. Find out whether the agency does its research, or it outsources info from third-party institutions. Also, be sure to check out their portfolio. Do they have a proven track record? What do their previous and current clients have to say about their services? Is strategy legal? These questions can help you determine whether your investment will be successful or not.

There are tons of benefits that come with hiring professional investment managers like Matthew Autterson. These experts have knowledge and skills to help you minimize risks.

They use the best investment and research tools to ensure they create opportunities that can increase the value of your capital assets. According to Ranker.com, some of the top investment management firms are Aberdeen Asset Management, Alliance Bernstein Holding, Brewin Dolphin, Bumper France and Bridgewater Associates. These companies are successful because they work with the right people.

About Matthew Autterson

Mr. Matthew Autterson is an investment management expert. He’s based in Denver, Colorado. Autterson’s clients prefer working with him because of his vast experience in investment management. Additionally, he handles investment portfolios professionally.

Matthew Autterson attended the Michigan State University. He uses his knowledge to offer practical solutions. As an independent investment management professional, he stays ahead of his competition by building strong relationships with his clients.

Highland Capital Management’s Gregory Michael Sees A Good Year For Healthcare Stocks

After his fund almost tripled the S&P 500’s in 2016, Michael Gregory is now betting on health-care stocks to continue with the good run. Highland Alternative Investors’ chief investment officer is confident that the health-care sector can stage a huge rebound this year. In addition, he believes that the US pipeline operators will make higher returns from their businesses this year.

According to the market data, the financial expert’s mutual fund posted returns of 31.6 percent. In the same period, the large-cap S&P 500 SPX, +1.07 percent, posted a return of 12 percent while the small-cap Russell 2000 Index RUT, +1.53 percent, posted 21.3 percent. This was an extraordinary achievement for the fund manager. Many experienced hedge fund managers have praised his innovative investing strategies.

Gregory’s unit, the Highland Alternative Investors, is based in Dallas. It manages over $15.4 billion in capital. James Dondero helped Gregory to manage the small-cap stock fund. James is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM). HCM owns this business unit. The estimated value of the fund’s assets is $55 million.

Gregory has praised HCM’s ‘credit competency.’ He points out that the company’s decision to invest in pipeline partnerships in early 2016 are now paying off. While making investment, many investors had left the sector, as the oil prices plummeted. Gregory added that returns from these investments made over half of the fund’s total return in 2016. He further added that none of the selected partners cut dividends after HCM purchased the shares.

Energy investments made by the funds brought returns of over 100 percent. The Two MLP winners were SemGroup Corp SEMG, +1.54 percent and Energy Transfer Equity LP ETE, +1.70 percent. However, the company has reduced the size of its investments in the stocks by 2/3. Gregory notes that as the oil prices continue to rise, the investments will start to make more returns. The trader believes that oil will soon hit the $60 mark.

The chief investment officer’s confidence in health-care stocks has surprised many people. This is because this is the only sector of the S&P 1500 Composite Index to post a decline. Despite shortcomings, Gregory is optimistic that the industry will rebound in 2017.