Why Evolution of Smooth Is The Lip Balm of Choice Among Millennials

According to the business publication Fast Company Magazine the international lip care market is projected to be worth at least $2 billion in the near future. As beauty entrepreneurs seek to seize a part of that growing marketplace it is likely that in order to reach the consumers that are willing to shell out their money every month to prevent their lips from becoming chapped they will have to first build relationships with the beauty bloggers that consumers look to to shape their opinion of which beauty products are worth spending their some of their income on. Beauty company Evolution of Smooth, which has become a leader in the lip care market, is ahead of the pack when it comes to using new forms of media like social media and blogger outreach to build their brand. As the company’s success grew after introducing their spherical lip balm to the market they decided to focus on building their brand awareness among young women by reaching out to beauty bloggers who would give their opinion of the product on their platforms and to build their own followings on social networks as Well.

The media consumption habits of the customers that Evolution of Smooth  (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) seeks to target, largely women in their twenties, have transformed tremendously over the last decade. While this demographic watches television and reads magazines, they also tend to consume their media in a dis-aggregated fashion through newsletters, tweets, Facebook posts and, of course, blogs. Any company that wants to succeed in this kind of environment must become adept at what is known as influencer marketing. EOS lip balm recognizes this. Its efforts to master influencer marketing have paid off. According to fashion publication Racked.com, the company once made a top ten list comprised of brands that were popular on Amazon. The company has also built partnerships with celebrities that are part of the same demographic as the consumers that they want to reach.

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