Thor Havlorssen – The Fearless Fighter

Thor Havlorssen is a 39-year old activist who happens to be the president of The Human Rights Foundation, based in New York. He is passionate about individual liberty, just as his parents were. His parents and cousin had all suffered punishment, under the Venezuelan regime. However, Thor does not throw a pity party; he has used his energies to continue the fight against tyranny.

Thor has appointed different people as chairman of the HRF, including chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, who also happens to be an activist. He has paid his dues. Garry has been beaten and imprisoned in Russia for protesting a punk rock band’s verdict and singing an anti-Vladimir Putin song.

After traveling to Vietnam to interview Buddhist Thich Quang Do, who had been under house for 28 years, he was detained and beaten so badly, he sustained bruises. He was finally able to leave the country after convincing the authorities he was a Buddhist seeker. He believes, you should not just talk about human rights, but prove it through action, by rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

What can you say about a person who stands up to dictators and exposes government corruption? Well, you could say they are fearless; this describes Thor Havlorssen perfectly!

One of Thor Havlorssen first political operations was launching a campaign with Amnesty International as well as other human rights organizations, which resulted in successfully coercing the Venezuela government to free his father after he had spent 74 days in confinement.

Right after college, he started producing documentaries including films in reference to political correctness on college campuses and the sugarcane industry in Dominica Republic. He has been critical of people who have abused human rights, as well as revealed how stars such as Mariah Carrey, Jennifer Lopez and Nelly Furtado were receiving money from dictators.

According to BuzzFeed, Thor Havlorssen is committed to travelling around the world to fight for freedom and fairness for all people.