Keith Mann Career

Keith Mann is the co-founder and the Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners. The company focuses and specializes in hedge funds as well as alternatives investments. Apparently, Dynamic Search Partners also provides executive search and alternative staffing solutions for major Equity organizations.


The company was founded in 2001 and has helped cater for over 2000 clients’ mandates. The firm has also experienced rapid growth to the extent of expanding its services from staffing solutions to databases of investments. Currently, Dynamic Search Partner is the largest, leading, and most respected databases of investments executive across the country.


Keith Mann started his career with Dynamic Associates where he served as the manager of alternatives investment division. He excelled in the company and exchanged various positions rising through various ranks all the way to the Vice President of the enterprise.

In 2002, Keith identified the rapid growth in hedge fund industry and the market was underserved where he launched Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamic Executive Search. In 2006, Keith decided to expand the search to Private Equity industry. In 2009, Keith started Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) as a crucial executive firm that exclusively dealt with alternative investment firms.


Currently, Keith manages the day-to-day business in the company; he assists his clients in hiring investments, marketing strategies, and internal professionalism of the already existing teams altogether with building new business platforms. DSP is a hedge fund company that is dedicated to offering top quality services to multiple industries.


During an interview where Keith is asked what has helped him grow his business successfully, he indicates that he incorporates innovative technology in everything he does. DSP has an online portal created for every client and candidate which is a tremendous timesaver for the whole team. He says embracing technology makes life easier and enhances business strategies.


In March 2015, Keith and Dynamic Search Partners held a fundraising for uncommon schools of New York at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. The funds raised were intended to sponsor students testing for 2014-2015 school year at a new school opened by the said school. The amount raised was over $ 200 000.