Provision of Banking and Financial Advisory Services

NexBank is a financial institution, which was established in 1934. Situated in Dallas, Texas, the firm specializes in commercial banking services, mortgage banking, corporate advisory services, and investment banking. NexBank serves a broad range of clientele, which includes middle market companies, small businesses, large corporations, real estate investors, and banks.


NexBank’s leadership and career opportunities


James Dondero, who is the co-founder and executive principal of Highland Capital Management, heads NexBank. Dondero chairs the board of directors of this company. NexBank management team consists of experienced professionals. These experts provide financial services to individual customers, institutions, and corporate organizations.


NexBank has other subsidiaries firms namely NexBank SSB, NexBank Tittle Inc., NexWash LLC, and NexBank Securities Inc. These subsidiary companies offer jobs to people who are experienced and have high intellectual capabilities. NexBank carries out an open and transparent recruitment process. It provides equal opportunities to its staff when it comes to the issuance of salaries, transfers, and promotions. Currently, the company has over 89 employees in its four branches. It avails opportunities for both young and experienced employees to realize their career and personal goals.


NexBank achievements, recognitions, and awards


NexBank is the 4th largest bank in Dallas and one of the fastest-rising financial institutions in Texas. It is also listed position 240 among the most popular and well-performing banks in the U.S. This financial institution has assets worth over $4 billion and a legal lending limit of $82.7 million.


In 2016, the bank topped the ICBA Independent Banker Magazine’s list of the banks with more than $1billion of assets under management. Bank Director Magazine ranked it number two in the top 25 residential real estate lenders category. Additionally, NexBank was rated as the best performing bank with a total score of 300 in the Q2 of the 2016 financial year.