Christopher Burch Explains the Symbiotic Relationship of Technology and Fashion

In the recent past, the fashion and the technology sector have faced many advancements. However, one thing remains constant; the two industries develop together. With time fashion becomes technologically fashionable and technology becomes fashionable. How they grow together is still a mystery. The past and present highlight what the future will hold.


The boom box developed in the 70’s brought sheer excitement as users could move around with their favorite stations and tunes. The two cassette decks allowed the users to record with one and play music on the other. In the 80’s movie story lines was added to the box, which increased the fun of carrying one. In the 90’s, the invention of the Walkman brought a more personalized music experience. Ten years later, the iPod made the personal experience even smaller. This is a clear demonstration that technology advances with the popularity of what is considered fashionable.

Today, there is a blend of fashion and technology. Fashion designer confesses that the deeper they dig into technology, the more possibilities they get. Technology has made it possible for some designers like Anouk Wipprecht to make DareDroid and Pseudomorphs, drink-making dress, and the famous self-painting dress.


Other fashion advancements use technology to protect people from hazards. For instance, the airbag for cyclists designed by Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt. When the airbag is closed, the cyclist has a better visibility as compared to the helmet. In case an accident occurs, the airbag opens and protect the head from impact. The frontline gloves is another useful advancement for the firefighters. The gloves can be used to pass valuable information to the team via hand gestures. Technology has also enabled designers to make valuable items from recycled raw materials. SegraSegra used recycled inner tubes of a bicycle to make t-shirts and jackets.


Technology also requires the help of fashion to gain popularity. For example, wearing glasses was not a trend until recently. A computer expert would say that Google Glass are interesting, but the stigma of wearing glasses was widespread. Diane Von, a top fashion designer, came to rescue and had her models walk the runway wearing the Google Glasses. Fashion shows have an effect of waking people to embrace new technological advances. Fashion and technology will always help each other out and grow together.


Christopher Burch is the Founder and current CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The company is a mirror of Burch’s entrepreneurial values and his vision for applying imagination, incubation, creativity, new market opportunities, and support leading to great brands and businesses that leave a positive, direct, and lasting impact in the consumer’s mind.

Burch has been in the entrepreneurial sector for more than four decades and has participated in the development of more than 50 luxury brands. He majors in a wide range of industries including the real estate, technology, and fashion sector. He began his profession as an undergraduate at Itchaca College where he and his brother started an apparel which they later sold after growing to $165 million.