What Many People Do not Understand about Kabbalah

At the mention of the name Kabbalah, there are many people that think about Jewish Voodoo while other think about some form of tarot card reading and other forms of magic. However, the people that truly understand this discipline know that it has very little to do with the above named misconceptions. In an attempt to demystify the practice, there are people who are opening up centers in California, Europe and other locations to try and teach more people about the practice and read full article.

The interesting thing about the practice is that up to a few years ago, the teachings were believed to be so complicated that they were only taught to people above 40 years in age. However, things are opening up a little and more people are getting a chance to learn. This practice has been around for thousands of years, and it is thought to be the blue print on which most of the modern religions were created.

The main aim of the teachings of kabbalah is to offer an explanation for some if not all of the phenomena that are part of the metaphysical world. The teachings attempt to do this by showing the connection between the natural world and the realms that humans cannot understand. While it is true that some supernatural concepts are part of the teachings, magic is not the mainstay of the practice. True, there are stories that tell of events that could look magical, such as the tale of the golem that created a human by molding mud and breathing life into it. However, this is not the main idea of the practice and Kabbalah of Website.

Even though the teachings of Kabbalah are taught by Rabbis and are part of many other religions, the practice in itself is not a religion. The problem has come in because people have been twisting the teachings to fit their religious convictions. The fact that Hollywood culture took up the practice and started selling it as some form of magic has also not helped a lot. However, the establishment of the centers is being seen as on step in the right direction, especially in seeing to it that the misunderstood bits are clarified and what kabbalah knows.

DeVos Tried To Prevent Transgender Bill From Being Overturned

Despite being on President Trump’s cabinet as the Education Secretary, I was surprised to learn that Betsy DeVos actually opposed the recent overturning of the bill that granted protections to transgender students in schools. In fact, DeVos openly made a statement explaining that she felt the government had a mandate to provide a safe learning environment for all students, regardless of their background or differences from the status quo. Although I’m personally against the bill being overturned, just as Devos is, I’m at least glad to see that someone with power in the government is also willing to stand up for this injustice.

Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are others within the administration that do not have the same common sense as DeVos. In fact, several Republican sources have stated that the transgender bill was a source of contention between Betsy DeVos and the new attorney general, Jeff Sessions. Sessions has made a name for himself as being vehemently against civil rights for gay, lesbian, and transgender people. By contrast, DeVos has shown that while she may not agree with liberals on economic issues, she does see the need for civil rights protections at the federal level.

I’m also pleased that Betsy DeVos has vowed to continue discussing the issue. At least this means it’s not quite over yet, as DeVos can no doubt defend her position much more easily than the Republican moving against her. In fact, DeVos was even noted as pointing out the hypocrisy to President Trump, as he had campaigned on the promise that he would provide protection to all students, not just those that fit into an arbitrary status quo. Read more on CNN for more info.

It’s worth noting that helping others isn’t unusual for DeVos, as she has a long history of philanthropic work. Since 1989, Betsy and her husband Dick have spent millions of dollars through their charity to help a number of various causes. Although the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is geared primarily towards Christian beliefs, they have helped people of many different denominations and backgrounds. For the most part, Betsy DeVos seems to have funneled her money into projects concerning school funding, which seems appropriate given her new position within the administration. Interestingly, she has also awarded money to colleges and universities, including arts programs.

While the future isn’t clear on the transgender bill being overturned, especially with a potential Supreme Court case on the way, at least we can rest somewhat easier knowing that Betsy DeVos is someone in the administration who is still fighting the good fight.

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