The Success of Seattle Gentics & It’s Powerful Influence

From it’s beginning back in 1998, Seattle Genetics has been growing bigger and producing better Bio-Technology products for the fight against cancer. Located in the Seattle suburb of Bothell, Washington; Seattle Genetics has grown into the leader of this ever changing industry. With more than 800 employees, the company is one of the area’s largest job producer. The company specializes and focuses on developing and commercializing Antibody Based Therapies. These therapies treat cancer very effectively and the company’s (ADCs) Antibody Drug Conjugates, have targeting abilities to deliver a direct cell killing agent straight into cancer cells, which spares non-targeted cells. Seattle Genetics uses this style of therapy very efficiently and the company’s most popular medicine (ADCETRIS), is now available in up to 65 countries worldwide. Being such a leading figure, Seattle Genetics has many more medicines in it’s pipeline which will be used in future endeavors.

Any great company more than likely has great leadership and Seattle Genetics is no exception. Dr. Clay Siegall is the captain of this ship as well as President and CEO. Dr. Siegall knows what it takes to run a successful practice and he has an immense resume to back it up. Before Seattle Genetics’ genesis, Dr. Siegall has worked with many high profile names in the medical industry such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, National Institute of Health, and the National Cancer Society. The good doctor is a former Graduate of the University of Maryland with a (BS) in Zoology and a Graduate from George Washington University with a Ph.D in Genetics.

Dr. Clay Siegall has a strong passion for helping others and his advancements in the fight against cancer is setting the bar very high for his contemporaries. He’s a scientist/doctor and author with more than 70 publications to date. Can’t forget to mention that he’s won many awards in the field and Siegall currently holds 15 patents at present time. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics is revolutionizing the fight against cancer one patient at a time.

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The Effective Treatments of Seattle Genetics

 Seattle Genetics is the company to visit when searching for a new way to treat cancer that is not only safe, but has also been proven to be effective. This biotechnology company develops and commercializes effective treatments for consumers. The antibody treatments that are provided by Seattle Genetics have been scientifically proven to effectively treat cancer symptoms and even cancer itself. This company has created an effective formula that has been specifically designed to kill cancerous cells that have plagued specific systems in the body. This is beneficial not only because this eliminates the negative results of chemotherapy and also enhances anti-tumor activity that takes place in the body. The marketed products that are produced by Seattle Genetics have has positive reviews and has expanded the products that are sold. With the help of the consumer, Seattle Genetics has been developing new innovative ideas that will help consumers with other medical issues.

The secret to the success of Seattle Genetics is the top ingenuity that has gone into creating antibody-drug conjugates that have been specifically designed to attack harmful cells in the body without the damaging treatment of chemotherapy. With over 20 years of experience, the scientists behind this innovative treatment have now released this treatment with the promise that no normal tissue will ever be damaged with this treatment.

As the CEO and President of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall founded this company in 1998. His mission was to offer the consumers an affordable therapy that has the chance to cure cancer. Clay Siegall has worked hard with both the rigorous research stage as well as with the development process. Through his hard work, Mr. Siegall even earned the approval of the FDA which officially approved these treatments in 2011. This global brand has been truly innovative with thinking of ways to treat the horrific cancer illness that has been plaguing millions of individuals all over the world.