George Soros Returns to Politics to Face Donald Trump

The name ‘George Soros’ has been pretty far removed from politics since 2004. Times are changing once again. George Soros, the Hungarian native who essentially grew up in Brookyln, has become a billion dollar success story as an investor while also helping to sculpt the framework of American politics. Soros was one of the key backers of Al Gore during his 2004 election bid to unseat George W. Bush. That obviously fell through. Soros took time away from the political machine in order to focus on his philanthropic efforts but now he’s back.

The 2016 Presidential Election was enough to have anyone on the edge of their seat but George Soros wasn’t down to just watch it pass by. According to Soros and his political advisors, there was just too much at stake for any activist to sit on their hands. George Soros has been a lifelong democrat and a staunch progressive so the rise of Donald Trump as a populist candidate was more than enough to get the billionaire once again engaged in the process. Soros, who already had a long relationship with Hillary Clinton, was quick to get in gear and throw his money behind the Democratic nominee for President.

Soros was quick to fund and support Hillary Clinton’s campaign while he also focused on down ticket races and other Democratic causes on All told, Soros would spend close to $25 million during the Presidential election as he tried to help get Democrats over the top in certain key states. Soros is an influential investor who can be accredited with getting other wealthy investors involved for the DNC. Soros has also, perhaps a bit oddly, been involved with campaign finance reform. He’s been focusing on trying to remove as much money out of politics as possible. Perhaps Donald Trump’s absurd presidential run was enough to get Soros involved in a major way.

When not focusing on American politics George Soros is focusing on philanthropy around the globe. Soros has donated nearly $13 billion worldwide for various charities and endeavors that focus on protecting human rights all around the globe and back at home again.