Chris Burch opens “Nihiwatu”, another successful business for the passionate entrepeneur

As an investor, you’re constantly looking for new ideas or businesses that catch your eye. You’re looking for something that will bring to life your ideals in a company or service that represents you. This could be said about Chris Burch, successful entrepreneur and investor, who helped create a 5 star resort in Indonesia called “Nihiwatu”. Hospitality is a new venture for Chris Burch, and its understandable that it would be an exciting challenge for the experienced and passionate businessman.

The property was bought on the Island of Somba in 2012, and 5 years later is now open to the public. Together with business partner James McBride, the two men were able to spend $30 million to renovate the island into their vision, and one must say that its absolutely beautiful. It’s a gorgeous piece of land with an even greater semblance to its construction: Burch’s children, and the Indonesian community. Not only was the resort deemed as another successful venture in Burch’s portfolio, but it was provided to leave something behind for his children, and to help create jobs in the community. The thought alone completes the ideals and values that Chris Burch holds towards people and his business, and flourishes because of it.

Chris Burch is no stranger to successful businesses that bring positive changes to people and their communities. Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, and has an incredibly diverse investment portfolio with over 50 companies created and successfully running as of today. He firmly believes in the application of creativity, nurture, positive leadership and using one’s imagination as the core principles of his own company and others. These positive values have paved the way for many individuals, and stands out from other businesses.

With over 40 years of experience, its no secret that Chris Burch would create something successful that encourages its employees and communities to think positively and use creativity to flourish. To name a few businesses in his portfolio, Voss Water, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon 9 and many, many more. Chris’s philosophy of Create, Disrupt and Scale has been one of the leading factors of his success after being created by him. Even after 40 years in the investment industry, he shows no signs of slowing and will no doubt continue to flourish as he continues to work on his next project with integrity, kindness, and innovation.