How Mike Baur and Swiss Start Up Factory Help Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur spent almost 20 years in the banking industry working at some of the biggest Swiss banks including UBS Wealth Management, Clariden Leu. He is now involved in assisting other entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, including his work with the Swiss Startup Factory. Another company that he founded in the last few years and leads is think He is also the Vice President of Innovation Lab Fribourg.

It was in January 2015 that Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory along with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. He is the Executive Chairman of the company and the Deputy Managing Director of its subsidiary, Swiss Startup Invest. In both positions, he lends his financial expertise that he developed throughout his career as well as his experience in founding a company.

The main service that Swiss Startup Factory offers to entrepreneurs is the Startup Accelerator Program where over the course of 3 months they help them with coaching, mentoring, financing, and other services. These other services can include bookkeeping, payroll management, cash flow reports, and other business services. The company also offers an affordable office space that the entrepreneur can work in and be around like-minded people who are also looking to get their business off the ground. Another key feature of the Accelerator Program is that they give their clients access to Swiss Startup Factory’s wide array of entrepreneurial and investor networks.

Besides being one of the top executives at Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur serves as a mentor to many of the clients that are going through the company’s program. He also supports many of them financially get their business off the ground and running.

Due to his history in the world of banking Mike Baur has been able to set up a strong Advisory Board at Swiss Startup Factory made up of entrepreneurs and financiers. A great many mentors are needed at the company as it received over 1500 startup applications in just 2016.

While Swiss Startup Factory is in Zurich, Mike Baur grew up in Fribourg, Switzerland. He developed a strong interest in banking as a child. In order to pursue his dreams he attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern where he graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance. He continued his education and earned an MBA in 2008 from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA in the same year from the University of Bern.



Christanna Bevin Understands The Stages of Project Management  

There are many things that go into project management. For a project manager to be successful, the project manager must understand all stages of a project. With a good understanding of all the stages that makeup a project, a project manager will be able to analyze projects based on a variety of situations. This is important because projects change constantly. Just because a project manager completed one project a certain way does not mean that the next project can be done the same way.

The ability to look at a project at any stage to determine what needs to be done is an important quality for project managers to have regarding projects. Every stage of a project is different. The initial project stage has a different look than a middle stage or a final stage. Projects constantly change base on the project and the various tasks associated with the project. However, the principles behind the theory and foundation of project management is not about a particular project but the project management profession.

Therefore, the principles of project management remain the same. As a result, the initial stages of a project generally require many of the same tasks to be done based on the stage. The same can be said for other stages in the project management cycle. Project management professionals should have a firm understanding of the principles, theory, and foundation of project management to successfully manage projects.

Christanna Bevin is a project management professional who understands all the stages of the project cycle. She understands the individual stages as well as the overall stage view concerning projects. Christanna Bevin has a solid training and educational background regarding project management. She is very aware of the principles, theory, and foundation of project management.

Christanna Bevin combines a superb understanding of the project management profession with a great understanding of how to manage projects. She is able to take the two very different sides of project management and bring the two together to provide her clients with excellence project management services. One of the qualities that allows Christanna Bevin to successfully manage projects is here ability to work well with a wide variety of people.



Dez Perez Makes You Notice Tidal


Tidal is making waves, and people are getting interested in what this company can do. There was just a recent Tidal X benefit concert in New York and a ton of people came out for this. It was actually a sold out concert featuring artists like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Common, Alicia Key, T.I. and Common. Even the mystery woman of the night, Lauryn Hill, showed up and gave fans something interesting.


You no longer have to wonder how people feel about Tidal anymore. This is a company that has managed to rise above what anyone could have ever dreamed for the Tidal organization. This is the company that has a good number of irons in the fire. The music concerts that are streaming are a big deal for Tidal. The exclusive releases are also big news. Desiree Perez is somewhere in the midst of all of this, and fans are appreciative of what she has managed to do behind the scenes.


Tidal concerts are nothing new. Jay-Z has been fortunate enough to get some Tidal streaming for concerts featuring Prince last year before his passing.  This is what Nick Jonas did for Tidal fans. He let them see what the making of what “Last Year was Complicated” looked like.


There were also a lot of people that were interested in seeing exclusive new content in video format from Usher. It is with Tidal that he released an exclusive “No Limit” remix video for fans to see. This is why Dez Perez is important for Tidal. She may not be on the official staff, but she has a presence that is felt in the direction that Tidal is going in.


What Dez Perez has really done is help Tidal become much more personable. Spotify seems like a bit of a glorified playlist arranger by comparison. Tidal jumps out as you as a company that is run by someone in the music industry. It is a music streaming service that is on the lips of other celebrities that have ownership roles with Tidal. Now that Dez Perez is in place to help with the financial negotiations of contracts it is possible for Tidal to take the take lead in this music streaming industry.

Angela Koch Named Key Contributor

The CEO of the largest private distributor of precious metals in the United States was recently provided a new designation, which will give her the ability to communicate to millions of people on a regular basis. According to GlassDoor, Angela Koch, who is the CEO of the US Money Reserve, was recently named a key contributor of the Huffington Post, which is something that is reserved to only a select few bloggers and industry experts.

Koch has been providing interviews, perspectives, and short blogs to the Huffington Post for years. Thanks to the new designation, she will be able to provide her insights on a more than regular basis. It is believed that Koch will be updating her blog with the Huffington Post on a regular basis, will be regularly interviewed for her perspective on current events, and will find additional ways to contribute to the website.

The Huffington Post will likely be interested in Koch’s perspective on a variety of subjects, particularly on the financial markets and how it could impact businesses such as the US Money Reserve. She will also be focusing heavily on the upcoming presidential election, which will be a continuation on the amount of coverage and insight he provided following both of the primaries and ensuing conventions.

As the CEO of the US Money Reserve, Koch oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and helps to plan for the future of the company. The US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of bullion in the United States. The company prepares and sells a variety of products including gold coins, bars, silver and platinum products, and other keepsakes to both collectors and investors.

The Growth of Mike Baur Swiss Start Up Factory

There are millions of people who want to start their own business. Studies show that this is one of the best ways to increase your income over time. There are a lot of ways to start a company, and Mike Baur is one of the leading experts in this field. Starting a business takes a lot of knowledge, and few people are able to do so correctly. Financing a business is one of the most common ways to get started. If you have interest in starting a business, it is important to understand the financials of the decision.

Financing a Business

All companies require some sort of start up capital. This is one of the most important aspects of starting a company. Capital is required to purchase inventory and equipment. A lot of business owners do not have the cash on hand to get started the way they need to. The problem is that many banks will not lend money to small businesses just getting started, unless the interest rate is really high on the loan. This is to compensate for the high risk that the bank is taking on. If you are going to start a company, this is one of the most important parts to consider before starting out. Many people tend to overlook this crucial element of starting a business.

Gaining Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any company. No company can last over the long term without a steady stream of customers. There are a lot of people who rely on marketing for new clients. If you can build a solid stream of new customers, this will greatly enhance your chances for success over time. A lot of companies rely on word-of-mouth advertising. A satisfied customer is still the best type of customer to have. Mike Baur teaches everyone to work to make every customer a happy one with their experience. This is a great part of running a business.

When you see the impact that you can make on customers, this makes all of the hard work in a business worth it. Take a long term approach with your business, and always make sure that you have the proper staff needed to grow.