How to Come Out on Top

Warren Buffet has bet a million dollars that he will get a better investment return than some hedge fund managers by simply investing in an index fund and by the looks of it, Buffet is going to come out on top.

According to Buffet, there at just too many expensive funds and funds that are just not up to par that actually rip off investors. Buffet believes that the best way to go is with low-cost and long-term funds that will pay off in he long run. His approach to investing has been proven to be successful over the decades.

It’s a good strategy for investors to be cautious of product labels and to seek out good long-term investment returns. If you want to get a good investment, you need to keep your costs very low and what Timothy knows.

Although trillions of dollars have gone into passive investments, only about half of the 1200 investors surveyed online in the past year have been aware that index funds expose them to his risk and losses during downturns and read full article.

Buffet strongly advises to do better than the crown during downturns and to grow your nest egg over the long-term stretch.

Timothy Armour has been with Capital Group since 1983 and is the chairman and chief executive officer. He is also the equity portfolio manager. Armour achieved his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College and he began at Capital Group as a participant of The Associates Program and now has over 34 years of investment experience.

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The CEO of USHEALTH Group Wins the Much Sought-After One Planet Gold Winner Awards as the Chief Executive Officer of the Year

The prestigious Gold Winner Award which recognizes the chief executive officer of the year was given to the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc., Troy McQuagge by the organizers, One Planet Awards. The award was an acknowledgment that ever since Mr. McQuagge joined the health firm in 2010; he has successfully reshaped and given the captive distributor agency of the organization known as USHEALTH Advisor a new profitable outlook. The famous One Planet Awards is an internationally respected important program that gives distinction to all industries on professional and business ethics. The coveted prize has no exemption rules because it provides all global organizations from startups, private entities, public companies, profits, and nonprofits eligibility grounds for submitting their nominations

Mr. McQuagge comes from Panama City in Florida, and he is known worldwide as a competent executive for corporate entrepreneurship. Residing in Coppell town in the State of Texas currently, he is widely credited with the recent innovations in USHEALTH Advisor because he has had a long and unparalleled career as a senior sales person in many companies. He started selling insurance in 1993 for Allstate Insurance then he moved on promotion to Health Market/UICI in 1995. As a result of excellent performance, and observance of high professional integrity, he introduced new strategies for redesigning and reforming various departments in the organization. By 2010, he had no competitor for the post of President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisor. The biggest addition he brought to the division was increased margins of profitability and Troy on Facebook.

While accepting the prize, he said that it was an honor to get the esteemed peer recognition in the industry. However, he was modest enough to admit that the award belonged to all the people who work for USHEALTH Group Inc., because of their continuous commitment to finding innovative solutions for affordable health care that has coverage that progress with the changing needs of the customers. The distinctive One Planets Awards is presently conferred on classes that cover teams, top executives, PR, Corporate Communications, new organizations, Services and Products from everywhere in the world and learn more about Troy.

The Texas-headquartered company which operates from Fort Worth is an insurance holding company specializing in giving excellent coverage for health to owners of small businesses, and self-employed persons. Its principal objective is to join the expertise of its staff and the agents to competitively and profitably market insurance products by building customer care that is superior in all aspects of the organization’s functions Mr. McQuagge holds a B.A degree which he acquired from the University of Central Florida. The persistent vigor he has shown in retooling the captive distribution agency has made the company a leader in providing comprehensive insurance coverage and read full article.

How Mike Baur and Swiss Start Up Factory Help Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur spent almost 20 years in the banking industry working at some of the biggest Swiss banks including UBS Wealth Management, Clariden Leu. He is now involved in assisting other entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, including his work with the Swiss Startup Factory. Another company that he founded in the last few years and leads is think He is also the Vice President of Innovation Lab Fribourg.

It was in January 2015 that Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory along with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. He is the Executive Chairman of the company and the Deputy Managing Director of its subsidiary, Swiss Startup Invest. In both positions, he lends his financial expertise that he developed throughout his career as well as his experience in founding a company.

The main service that Swiss Startup Factory offers to entrepreneurs is the Startup Accelerator Program where over the course of 3 months they help them with coaching, mentoring, financing, and other services. These other services can include bookkeeping, payroll management, cash flow reports, and other business services. The company also offers an affordable office space that the entrepreneur can work in and be around like-minded people who are also looking to get their business off the ground. Another key feature of the Accelerator Program is that they give their clients access to Swiss Startup Factory’s wide array of entrepreneurial and investor networks.

Besides being one of the top executives at Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur serves as a mentor to many of the clients that are going through the company’s program. He also supports many of them financially get their business off the ground and running.

Due to his history in the world of banking Mike Baur has been able to set up a strong Advisory Board at Swiss Startup Factory made up of entrepreneurs and financiers. A great many mentors are needed at the company as it received over 1500 startup applications in just 2016.

While Swiss Startup Factory is in Zurich, Mike Baur grew up in Fribourg, Switzerland. He developed a strong interest in banking as a child. In order to pursue his dreams he attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern where he graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance. He continued his education and earned an MBA in 2008 from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA in the same year from the University of Bern.



Jim Hunt Shares his Views on the Uncertain Global Economic Climate

People were shocked by the results of the 2016 U.S. presidential elections were released. Donald Trump, who won the elections, is known for his controversial opinion on concerning foreign trades. On several occasions, Trump has spoken negatively about foreign policy and international trade. Many investors and corporations are now scared that since he is the president, their foreign trusts may be affected. Immediately after the release of the results, investors withdrew over $100 billion from the U.S. market. Furthermore, Trump is the only American president who is unpredictable, creating an uncertain international market.

Jim Hunt, a VTA Publications executive, has written several pieces on the economic stability of the global marketplace on He usually releases market analysis videos on a weekly basis for his viewers. In the videos, Hunt uses an unbiased approach in evaluating the market statistics and performance around the globe. He also compiles comprehensive weekly market analysis for investors at to understand the market easily. Hunt’s pieces are suitable for upcoming and established investors. These pieces give investors insights on the financial future of worldwide markets.

Hunt recently released a market analysis video that focuses on financial changes in markets from 1980 to the present. He compared the old bear markets with the current ones. In the video on YouTube, Hunt highlights how investors made losses in 2008 more than any other year. He also portrays how entrepreneurs have contributed to upturns in the market. Hunt pointed out that the recent decline in investments was caused by the election of Donald Trump as the U.S. president. He gave an example of the Dow that decreased by 1,000 points after Trump’s victory. Hunt predicted that the market was likely to fall since many investors have little confidence in Trump’s leadership.

About VTA Publications

VTA Publications is a globally acclaimed distance learning and event organizing service provider. The company was founded in 2012 and currently serves thousands of clients across the globe with diverse services and products. VTA Publications strives at providing customers with information in physical and digital forms. Most of the company’s publications are themed on economics and finance.

Vision and Determination

Intelligent business minds recognize opportunity within the industry they are working in. There are many moving parts in a business or business market. The ability to carve out a unique niche is what separates highly successful executives from the average. John Goullet began his career as a consultant in the IT industry. Eventually John developed his own company that provided a needed service for highly trained technicians and corporate executives.

John Goullet founded Info Technologies in order to address the staffing needs within the IT industry. Finding qualified individuals to operate within technical companies is one of the major obstacles of industry growth. An organization can only expand as far as its manpower will allow it. Executives must be able to trust the people that they hire to handle delegated responsibilities. John was able to create a service that provided much-needed support in industry staffing. Info Technologies was able to match qualified craftsmen and women with the appropriate job position. The company also provided consulting on other matters which helped with organization and processing.

Info Technologies quickly grew into a powerful entity within the IT industry. After 5 years it was worth millions of dollars and had many Fortune 500 companies as clients. However, John wanted to make a greater impact in order to create more opportunity for those who helped him build the company. Info Technologies eventually merged with Diversant Inc. The new partnership who would go on to become known as Diversant LLC. Goullet was named the principal of the new organization.

John Goullet studied computer science at Urinus University. He earned a master’s degree and quickly began his ascent to the top of the IT industry. His work at diversant LLC has garnered many awards. The company continues to be the leader in staffing and consulting in the IT world. Diversant was also named as the largest African-American company in the United States. This title is a direct reflection of the innovative work that John has been able to do. His team promotes equal opportunity and diversity from its lowest ranks to the highest executive levels. It is a business model that has served as an inspiration to other companies.

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Fabletics expands business model, opens retail outlets

Actress Kate Hudson’s athletic wear brand, Fabletics, shows fabulous growth. The online monthly subscription service for fashionable athletic wear opened its seventh bricks and mortar retail location at Minnesota’s Mall of America, Forbes reported in February 2016. Fabletics co-CEO Adam Goldenberg said the company set a goal of opening 75 to 100 stores during the next three to five years.

A visit to the Fabletics website lets shoppers find the value in VIP status. The price point rests about $10 below a Lululemon purchase if you’re a regular customer, but joining the VIP program nets you a hefty discount to Target level prices. Your first VIP outfit costs $25 – not item – outfit. Thereafter, every month, Fabletics ships you a new workout outfit for $49.95 tailored to your sports preferences. You can cancel shipment any month by logging on between the 1st and 5th and clicking a button. Fashion and athletic bloggers rave over the clothes, and the company fills about 800,000 orders per month, according to Goldenberg.

“Largely speaking, customers really like this program,” he said.

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In Stores
The seven existing stores carry the same merchandise and function under the same discount model. You can pay full price, but sales associates encourage customers to join the VIP program. That nets customers the same discounts in the store. That discount can turn a $79.95 item into a $49.95 item.

“We want to completely mirror the stores to the online experience,” Goldenberg said in the Forbes interview.

Not a bad idea since Fabletics generated $150 million in 2015 revenue, mostly from its e-commerce business. Its online customers have flocked to the stores, accounting for about 40 percent of sales, so far. Shoppers cited wanting to try on an item before buying it as the big reason for making the trip to the bricks and mortar location.

A little healthy competition helps, too. Fabletics stores near an Athleta or a Lululemon store generate the best sales. Although the clothing at all three stores starts out at a similar price, the Fabletics subscription discount offer boosts its sales in the retail competition.

The discount idea came from Hudson, who saw a gap in women’s athletic wear, namely that quality workout gear didn’t come at an affordable price. The actress and mother, a champion of encouraging women to lead an active, healthy lifestyle, found a way to change that by partnering with Goldenberg and Fabletics co-CEO Don Ressler. Hudson actively promotes her brand, choosing her own favorite outfits each month and posting photos of herself wearing them to her Instagram.

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