Jason Hope and the Future of IoT

Jason Hope is at the forefront of the technology surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) and is one of its staunchest advocates. He believes that focusing on the connectivity of devices and our physical spaces is one of the key places where firms (regardless of industry) should be allocating resources. This thought is based on a lengthy and deep career in the technology industry during which he has witnessed the industry’s evolution.

There is a multitude of uses for the IoT that are still undergoing development. Jason Hope sees public transportation as one area that will benefit greatly. With increased automation buses will have less downtime as repairs and maintenance will be preplanned with performance being monitored in order to avoid any unforeseen breakdowns.


Additionally, riders will know when to expect their transportation, will be aware of traffic issues that will make auto transport inefficient and generally increase overall ridership. This increase will have the corollary effect of reducing the number of cars on the roads which will decrease congestion and environmental pollution and read full article.


In addition to being an IoT evangelist, Hope has been working extensively with up-and-coming entrepreneurs offering guidance and grants to cover startup costs. These grants allow young professionals to gain a foothold on the entrepreneurial ladder and make strides not possible without the startup grant and what Jason knows.


Jason is a true visionary who believes in sharing his knowledge and expertise to help others and give them the extra help that they need when starting out. Jason’s experience in the tech field enables him to evaluate the current trends and determine how current technology uses can grow and evolve into the future. Hope’s philanthropy is very impactful in the tech industry and he expects to continue giving back and his Twitter.


The Internet of Things is still evolving and it is not now known what the future will hold. It is a safe bet, however, to think that Jason Hope will continue to be an active participant in shaping the future of the industry. IoT has many fascinating and life-altering possibilities and it will be interesting to see how the reality compares to expectations.

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How Strong Rick Smith Really Is

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies knows how tough business can be. As the CEO of a company that provides pay phones for jails and corrections facilities. This billion dollar company has been a hot topic for discussion, mainly amongst family members of those in prison. While the services are priced what some would consider “high”, the services are obviously much needed in order for family members of inmates to communicate with them from outside the prison.

The industry as a whole has been under scrutiny due to the price brackets for the services for inmates and advocate groups for them. Rick Smith has changed the game for Securus Technologies, making it a high-level company and one of the top in the industry. The challenge for Smith is creating a fair playing field for all states, as some of them have higher prices than other for calls. Smith has been able to rise above the noise and stand out in the crowd. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Smith views his service as a way of truly serving people, not positioning this as a way to entertain prisoners or their family members. Smith stands behind his company with pride, and he plans to continue serving them well on every level, ensuring that they can offer the best of support and security to law enforcement officers and their own support systems. Keeping up with the industry and competitors may not always be easy for Smith, but his hard work and commitment to the industry and his own company prompted Smith to be open with data and other information regarding billing. Additionally, Rick Smith has been able to assist helping law enforcement gather information, along with other tools that have prevented certain types of crimes from happening inside and outside the prisons.

Millions of acquisitions have been acquired through Smith’s company, but overall, he has remained committed to the industry and his company to promote the safety of inmates as well as those who oversee them while in prison. The work has not always been easy, but Smith has remained consistent in that he finds it rewarding every day.

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How to Come Out on Top

Warren Buffet has bet a million dollars that he will get a better investment return than some hedge fund managers by simply investing in an index fund and by the looks of it, Buffet is going to come out on top.

According to Buffet, there at just too many expensive funds and funds that are just not up to par that actually rip off investors. Buffet believes that the best way to go is with low-cost and long-term funds that will pay off in he long run. His approach to investing has been proven to be successful over the decades.

It’s a good strategy for investors to be cautious of product labels and to seek out good long-term investment returns. If you want to get a good investment, you need to keep your costs very low and what Timothy knows.

Although trillions of dollars have gone into passive investments, only about half of the 1200 investors surveyed online in the past year have been aware that index funds expose them to his risk and losses during downturns and read full article.

Buffet strongly advises to do better than the crown during downturns and to grow your nest egg over the long-term stretch.

Timothy Armour has been with Capital Group since 1983 and is the chairman and chief executive officer. He is also the equity portfolio manager. Armour achieved his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College and he began at Capital Group as a participant of The Associates Program and now has over 34 years of investment experience.

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Troy McQuagge is Humbled by Professional Excellence Award

Troy McQuagge has been very successful as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. This success was acknowledged by One Planet Awards when in January 2017, they named him the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year. The CEO Of the Year award they hand out involves a competition against other CEO’s around the world from every industry and every size company. Winning this award speaks to how Troy McQuagge effectively handles his team at USHEALTH Group and how he works towards fulfilling the goals of his organization.

In 2010, Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group. He was brought in because their captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors, had at that time years of unsatisfactory production. As someone that has been successful in the insurance industry for years, McQuagge was able to identify the problems in this subsidiary and get it turned around to once again being an effective part of the company. After this success, he was named CEO and President of USHEALTH Group and also now sits on the Board of Directors.

When giving his speech for winning the CEO of the Year award, Troy McQuagge gave a lot of credit to his team at USHEALTH Group. He said it was their dedication and experience at providing customizable, affordable, health care plans that drove growth at the company and enabled him to win the award. He thanked all of his staff for their contributions.

Before becoming an executive at USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge has also worked as an insurance agent at Allstate Insurance Company. He was also with HealthMarket for several years, serving as their President of the Agency Marketing Group. He has a lot of experience coaching and developing insurance agents which was why he was hired by USHEALTH Group. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies.

Troy McQuagge believes in giving back. He has volunteered his time and expertise for a number of nonprofits including the Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Phoenix, and HopeKids Dallas. HopeKids serves the needs of children who are suffering from life-threatening diseases.

How Mike Baur and Swiss Start Up Factory Help Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur spent almost 20 years in the banking industry working at some of the biggest Swiss banks including UBS Wealth Management, Clariden Leu. He is now involved in assisting other entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, including his work with the Swiss Startup Factory. Another company that he founded in the last few years and leads is think reloaded.ag. He is also the Vice President of Innovation Lab Fribourg.

It was in January 2015 that Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory along with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. He is the Executive Chairman of the company and the Deputy Managing Director of its subsidiary, Swiss Startup Invest. In both positions, he lends his financial expertise that he developed throughout his career as well as his experience in founding a company.

The main service that Swiss Startup Factory offers to entrepreneurs is the Startup Accelerator Program where over the course of 3 months they help them with coaching, mentoring, financing, and other services. These other services can include bookkeeping, payroll management, cash flow reports, and other business services. The company also offers an affordable office space that the entrepreneur can work in and be around like-minded people who are also looking to get their business off the ground. Another key feature of the Accelerator Program is that they give their clients access to Swiss Startup Factory’s wide array of entrepreneurial and investor networks.

Besides being one of the top executives at Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur serves as a mentor to many of the clients that are going through the company’s program. He also supports many of them financially get their business off the ground and running.

Due to his history in the world of banking Mike Baur has been able to set up a strong Advisory Board at Swiss Startup Factory made up of entrepreneurs and financiers. A great many mentors are needed at the company as it received over 1500 startup applications in just 2016.

While Swiss Startup Factory is in Zurich, Mike Baur grew up in Fribourg, Switzerland. He developed a strong interest in banking as a child. In order to pursue his dreams he attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern where he graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance. He continued his education and earned an MBA in 2008 from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA in the same year from the University of Bern.



The Synergism of the Technology and the Fashion Industries Will Determine Their Future

Fashion and technology legend Christopher Burch has been observing fashion and technology industries. Over the years, he has discovered that the two sectors have grown together and thus their future will be determined by how much they help each other. Burch argues technology becomes fashionable at some point, and fashion becomes technologically fashionable.


Technology and Fashion Helping Each Other


From a critical analysis of some of the past trends, it can be concluded that technology grows with the popularity of what is considered fashionable by many. This means that, as the tastes and preferences of people change, what is seen as fashionable will also change. For instance, the boom box of the 70s did not maintain its popularity in the 80s as compared to two cassette decks of the 70s. This is because; the later was used in movie storylines further making it popular among many people.


Similarly, Diane Furstenberg, a top fashion designer came to the rescue of Google glasses manufacturer. Wearing of these glasses became popular and acceptable after she made her models wear them while on the catwalk. Judging from these two past trends, it is undoubtedly right to say that the future of the two industries will be determined by the extent to, which they complement each other.


The Current and the Future Trends


At the moment, fashion designers are marrying fashion with technology to yield high standard brands. Technology is being used as a playground as it offers fashion designers endless opportunities. The synergism of these two sectors is expected to generate products that protect the humans or even produce energy. Designing of more safe airbags to protect cyclists in case of an impact will be a fashionable way to substitute the use of helmets, which reduce the visibility of the cyclists. Moreover, shoes and jackets that use kinetic energy to power portable electronic gadgets will be an amazing offspring of technology and fashion.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is a well-known entrepreneur and investor in the technology, fashion, and real estate industries. He is the principal and founder of Burch Creative Capital. With over 40 years of experience, Burch has managed to achieve various remarkable milestones and boasts one of the most outstanding investment portfolios. His unmatched success has been as a result of his ability to find the nexus between innovation and implementation.


Burch Began his entrepreneurial journey while at the Ithaca College, where he and his brother invested $ 2,000 in Eagle’s Eye apparel, a company that grew to become a $165 million firm at the time he sold it. Chris Burch has also participated in the birth and thriving of over 50 companies.