Mullen Lowe Brasil And Jose Borghi: Making Groundbreaking Progress In Advertising

Mullen Lowe is a globally renowned advertising agency that specializes in the creative content development, marketing strategy, and integrated communication. With a network of communication agencies in more than ten countries including Brazil, they introduce various innovations in customer engagement and creative content. Mullen Lowe aims to provide its clients with a voice that is unique and makes their brand stand out amongst the crowd. One of its aims also includes gaining a huge share of attention from their target audience.

Mullen Lowe in Brazil upholds the same quality of advertising and integrated communication services that it is known for internationally. The collective approach to cover all areas of communication with the audience like direct marketing, social, PR, media, shopper marketing, digital media and content creation makes it possible for brands to make use of various platforms to promote their products and services. Mullen Lowe has an impressive portfolio and connections with international brands like Elle, Rexona, Harley Davidson and Knorr that are making a breakthrough in Brazilian advertising. No ad agency can progress without a visionary head that can translate the briefing of their clients into a full media campaign and drive his team to excel in order to meet world-class standards. Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, Jose Borghi is the person leading the team behind the success of the well-accredited ad agency.

Jose Borghi with his impressive professional achievements proved a perfect fit for an ad agency as big as Mullen Lowe. He started his career in 1998 after graduating in advertising and joined Standard Ogilvy. Later his own agency BorghiErh which he had formed in 2006 partnered with Mullen Lowe, which led to a company restructuring ultimately resulting in the creation of Mullen Lowe Brasil with Borghi becoming the Co-CEO. Under his wing, many international campaigns for brands like Honda, Fiat, and Association of Down Syndrome were made successful. Like the impressive portfolio of Mullen Lowe, its CEO also has many accolades like The Lions at Cannes, The New York Festival and eleven awards from The One Show.

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