Goettl Air Conditioning Boasts A Strong Track Record Of Outstanding Service

Goettl Air Conditioning is recognized across the southwest as one of the top quality HVAC service companies in the region. They have won many awards and accolades for the fine work they have done and have received some of the highest customer ratings and reviews of any HVAC company in the US. What makes Goettl special is their prompt response to emergency calls, doing complete repairs and possessing a lot of industry knowledge. Goettl Air Conditioning installs units that are Energy Star rated and environmentally friendly and tested for air quality. They also offer maintenance plans to keep the units running at peak level.

Goettl primarily services residential customers, but thanks to some partnerships they’ve formed with local HVAC companies they’ve been able to make inroads to light commercial customers as well. The company was founded back in 1939 by Adam and Gust Goettl who were certified mechanics and found that HVAC services had a market in Arizona’s heat during the Great Depression. The company has stayed in business throughout the years thanks to its strong values and solid leadership. The company has given back to its community helping people such as former military veterans become certified in HVAC repair through scholarships, but they’ve also given to families in need.

This last Christmas a Las Vegas family was given quite a present when Goettl Air Conditioning decided to repair their heating system for free. The Stephensons had been paying a huge amount just to keep their home heated in the chilly Nevada winters and they couldn’t afford a new unit. Goettl decided to give of their own funds to replace the unit with a zone-controlled heating system. This new system allows the users to turn down the heat in areas where it isn’t needed. Thanks to the new heating system the Stephensons have been able to save hundreds on their bill.