Human Rights Foundation Cause of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a film producer and a human rights advocate. He is widely considered as the champion of the powerless and the underdog. His advocacy started in 1989 in London when he organized opposition to apartheid in South Africa. Thor became fully involved in advocacy when his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela.Thor Halvorssen founded human rights foundation, which is based in New York after his mother was gunned down during a political protest in 2004. The Foundation is devoted to promoting tolerance and liberating political prisoners in Latin America.

Since HRF was founded, it has secured the release of seven political prisoners of conscience. The foundation also provided evidence to Truth Commissions in international human rights cases. Moreover, the foundation has published books on individual responsibilities and rights of the state.To continue building the Foundation, Thor Halvorssen writes articles that address oppression worldwide. The articles include human rights violations in monarch countries and celebrity activists among others. The actions demonstrate political involvements in oppressions that are happening in different countries.If you want to visit his Facebook profile: Click here.

The human rights foundation main undertakings involve exposing dictators and having advocacy campaigns. It also promotes events focusing on human rights. The aim is to empower people through panel discussions, informal sessions, and guest lectures. The events include Oslo Freedom Forum where he is a member.In discharging his duties and advancing his cause, he works with celebrity activists like Christian Bale among others. Thor Halvorssen’s complicated and deep engagement in global human rights conflicts has placed him at odds with many leaders in various countries. The foundation is encouraged with the progress made. It hopes to combat oppressive regimes by mounting campaigns, inviting journalists and dissidents or extricating activists.

Thor periodically organizes forums with international networking parties where dissidents exchange tips on how to improve human rights cause worldwide. He uses the 21st-century tools to achieve his goals and cultivate support in all spheres of the society.In 1993, he mounted campaigns with Amnesty International and other human rights organizations to put pressure on Venezuela government to free his father from prison. The father was later released after 74 days in jail.