Why You Need to Know Jose Bhorgi Mullowe

Brazilian advertising industry is full of wonders. The industry is graced with some of the most creative advertisements in the whole world. One of the individuals who have made a significant impact on Brazilian advertisement industry is Jose Mullowe Borghi. He is one of the few who have amassed large fortunes from the industry since they joined it. His advertisement firm, Mullen Lowe Agency is one of the most popular in the country.

Jose’s life in advertisement started at a small age when his sister took him to a cinema in a small town located in the southern suburbs of Sao Paulo. He was impressed with the performance, which featured graphics and some forms of animations. Mullowe drew his inspiration from what he saw at the cinema. He was determined to be one of the individual behind the scenes of such great productions.

Today, his company is known for producing advertisements that grace TV screens in Brazil. His firm has also made partnership deals with multinational companies such as Nike and Toyota to produce advertisements on their behalf. The company is behind the creation of the famous advertisement known as “Mammals Parmalat” where children appear dressed like animals as they sing great jingles. The firm also produced “Marathoner,” an advertisement that inspires people to hold on until they reach their goals despite the challenges and obstacles that often come their way. The advert was widely applauded by pundits who termed it an embodiment of creativity and brilliance.

Jose Bhorgi graduated from Pontifical Catholic University-Campinas with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising. After graduating in 1989, he got a job at Ogilvy as a writer. He later worked in FCB and DM9 before starting his company Borghi Lowe in December 2006. His strong affinity for new and mind-blowing creations made him an instrumental figure at the company. The company quickly climbed the ranks of advertisement to become one of the best in the country. He is in charge of every operation division of the company. He dedicates his time to ensuring the company remains relevant and retains its position as an advertising giant in Brazil.

As a result of his hard work and brilliance, Jose has been a nominee for several prestigious awards in the country and abroad. He has won 14 Lions Canne awards and also 7 awards from the London Festival. Individuals like him are rare to find, and if you find them, they will cost you a lot.

Lori Senecal Comes to the Rescue in Times of Transition

Lori Senecal, the Canadian born CEO , is the first global CEO of CP+B. This is such a huge honor. It is an even bigger responsibility though. It is tough for someone like Lori to be in a position such as this because there is no gauge for what is actually considered successful. CP+B is a marketing agency that has grown in leaps and bounds, and it is evident that the leadership of Lori Senecal will be something that many people are taking interest in.

Senecal is someone that is often brought into new organizations during times crisis or transition. In some cases, it is both. She is proving that there are some women in the business world that know how to turn companies around and help marketing agencies like Crispin close deals on major contracts. The thing that a lot of females will notice is that Lori Senecal is in a place to chance the state of affairs for other women in the corporate world. She has promoted women under leadership at CP+B. She has also been a speaker at the 3% conference where she has spoken to a small minority of women in the business world. She is proven that women can do the job that men can do in the corporate world, and she is putting forth the effort to give females a chance that they may have been denied in the past.

There is a huge amount of respect for what Senecal is accomplishing. Before she came to CP+B she left her job with KBS and worked as the CEO for MDC’s Partner Network. She would transition from there to Crispin and reign as the CEO. During all of this time she would move from Boulder, CO to Santa Monica, CA and check out the offices for CP+B in both of these places. She would do what it took to gain the type of access that she needed to different parts of the company. As a global CEO Lori Senecal knows that there are a lot of different aspects to CP+B that she has to consider. She has become used to the challenges that are in place for CP+B and she has her own vision on how to take this marketing agency from the transitional period that it is in and turn things around. Her previous success gives her the ability to do this effectively. For more info, check out her fastcompany.com bio.

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Mullen Lowe Brasil And Jose Borghi: Making Groundbreaking Progress In Advertising

Mullen Lowe is a globally renowned advertising agency that specializes in the creative content development, marketing strategy, and integrated communication. With a network of communication agencies in more than ten countries including Brazil, they introduce various innovations in customer engagement and creative content. Mullen Lowe aims to provide its clients with a voice that is unique and makes their brand stand out amongst the crowd. One of its aims also includes gaining a huge share of attention from their target audience.

Mullen Lowe in Brazil upholds the same quality of advertising and integrated communication services that it is known for internationally. The collective approach to cover all areas of communication with the audience like direct marketing, social, PR, media, shopper marketing, digital media and content creation makes it possible for brands to make use of various platforms to promote their products and services. Mullen Lowe has an impressive portfolio and connections with international brands like Elle, Rexona, Harley Davidson and Knorr that are making a breakthrough in Brazilian advertising. No ad agency can progress without a visionary head that can translate the briefing of their clients into a full media campaign and drive his team to excel in order to meet world-class standards. Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, Jose Borghi is the person leading the team behind the success of the well-accredited ad agency.

Jose Borghi with his impressive professional achievements proved a perfect fit for an ad agency as big as Mullen Lowe. He started his career in 1998 after graduating in advertising and joined Standard Ogilvy. Later his own agency BorghiErh which he had formed in 2006 partnered with Mullen Lowe, which led to a company restructuring ultimately resulting in the creation of Mullen Lowe Brasil with Borghi becoming the Co-CEO. Under his wing, many international campaigns for brands like Honda, Fiat, and Association of Down Syndrome were made successful. Like the impressive portfolio of Mullen Lowe, its CEO also has many accolades like The Lions at Cannes, The New York Festival and eleven awards from The One Show.

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