Christopher Burch Explains the Symbiotic Relationship of Technology and Fashion

In the recent past, the fashion and the technology sector have faced many advancements. However, one thing remains constant; the two industries develop together. With time fashion becomes technologically fashionable and technology becomes fashionable. How they grow together is still a mystery. The past and present highlight what the future will hold.


The boom box developed in the 70’s brought sheer excitement as users could move around with their favorite stations and tunes. The two cassette decks allowed the users to record with one and play music on the other. In the 80’s movie story lines was added to the box, which increased the fun of carrying one. In the 90’s, the invention of the Walkman brought a more personalized music experience. Ten years later, the iPod made the personal experience even smaller. This is a clear demonstration that technology advances with the popularity of what is considered fashionable.

Today, there is a blend of fashion and technology. Fashion designer confesses that the deeper they dig into technology, the more possibilities they get. Technology has made it possible for some designers like Anouk Wipprecht to make DareDroid and Pseudomorphs, drink-making dress, and the famous self-painting dress.


Other fashion advancements use technology to protect people from hazards. For instance, the airbag for cyclists designed by Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt. When the airbag is closed, the cyclist has a better visibility as compared to the helmet. In case an accident occurs, the airbag opens and protect the head from impact. The frontline gloves is another useful advancement for the firefighters. The gloves can be used to pass valuable information to the team via hand gestures. Technology has also enabled designers to make valuable items from recycled raw materials. SegraSegra used recycled inner tubes of a bicycle to make t-shirts and jackets.


Technology also requires the help of fashion to gain popularity. For example, wearing glasses was not a trend until recently. A computer expert would say that Google Glass are interesting, but the stigma of wearing glasses was widespread. Diane Von, a top fashion designer, came to rescue and had her models walk the runway wearing the Google Glasses. Fashion shows have an effect of waking people to embrace new technological advances. Fashion and technology will always help each other out and grow together.


Christopher Burch is the Founder and current CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The company is a mirror of Burch’s entrepreneurial values and his vision for applying imagination, incubation, creativity, new market opportunities, and support leading to great brands and businesses that leave a positive, direct, and lasting impact in the consumer’s mind.

Burch has been in the entrepreneurial sector for more than four decades and has participated in the development of more than 50 luxury brands. He majors in a wide range of industries including the real estate, technology, and fashion sector. He began his profession as an undergraduate at Itchaca College where he and his brother started an apparel which they later sold after growing to $165 million.

Christanna Bevin Understands The Stages of Project Management  

There are many things that go into project management. For a project manager to be successful, the project manager must understand all stages of a project. With a good understanding of all the stages that makeup a project, a project manager will be able to analyze projects based on a variety of situations. This is important because projects change constantly. Just because a project manager completed one project a certain way does not mean that the next project can be done the same way.

The ability to look at a project at any stage to determine what needs to be done is an important quality for project managers to have regarding projects. Every stage of a project is different. The initial project stage has a different look than a middle stage or a final stage. Projects constantly change base on the project and the various tasks associated with the project. However, the principles behind the theory and foundation of project management is not about a particular project but the project management profession.

Therefore, the principles of project management remain the same. As a result, the initial stages of a project generally require many of the same tasks to be done based on the stage. The same can be said for other stages in the project management cycle. Project management professionals should have a firm understanding of the principles, theory, and foundation of project management to successfully manage projects.

Christanna Bevin is a project management professional who understands all the stages of the project cycle. She understands the individual stages as well as the overall stage view concerning projects. Christanna Bevin has a solid training and educational background regarding project management. She is very aware of the principles, theory, and foundation of project management.

Christanna Bevin combines a superb understanding of the project management profession with a great understanding of how to manage projects. She is able to take the two very different sides of project management and bring the two together to provide her clients with excellence project management services. One of the qualities that allows Christanna Bevin to successfully manage projects is here ability to work well with a wide variety of people.



Choosing Competent Lawyer In Brazil

Are you dealing with a legal matter in Brazil? Do you want to enlist the services of a prominent business lawyer? If you are in need of legal assistance or representation in Brazil, it is imperative that you find a good lawyer to help you.

It is important for an individual who is facing a business dispute or other business related legal matter to not only hire a legal representative who understands the law, but to get a lawyer that understands business law thoroughly. An attorney who focuses on business law or another aspect of law might not be experienced in business or corporate law, and for that reason might put your situation at risk. Experience in business or corporate law should be a crucial factor in choosing an attorney.

Furthermore, a qualified business lawyer must not just have experience in practicing business law, but in practicing law in the territory where the misconduct or breach was allegedly committed. This indicates that the litigation attorney will certainly know the personalities of the court workers involved. Additionally, the legal representative will certainly be more likely to know exactly what arguments will and will not appeal to a specific court.

There are many good lawyers out there that handle business dispute and litigation matters but you need someone who has great expertise in business law.

Ricardo Tosto is a highly reliable litigation lawyer in Brazil. He has a thorough knowledge of the business law area and has years of experience representing businesses of all sizes and sectors. And, Ricardo Tosto has a great deal of experience advising organizations and professionals on daily legal matters.

As an experienced business and corporate lawyer, Ricardo Tosto is well versed in managing legal issues like creating agreements along with huge and complex arrangements like managing unions. Ricardo Tosto is an exceptional lawyer who get you the best outcome possible in your case. He has great negotiation skills as well. He constantly aims to upgrade his abilities and has the know-how to take care of any issues that affect legal aspects of an organization.

Choosing The Best Dessert Wines For The Holidays With Help From UK Vintners

The holiday season is one time of the year when people start to think about serving a meal as they get together. A great meal is one that everyone can enjoy. Any great meal can be made even better with help from the right beverage and an excellent dessert. Wine pairs well with many kinds of items during the holidays. Finding the right kind of wine to serve to guests is something that many people wonder about. They’re not sure what wine might work with the pudding they want to serve or any fruit dish they might have in mind. Fortunately, the English wine specialists at UK Vintners put together a list of their top wine choices for the holiday season.

Multiple Expert Suggestions

Many vintners in the United Kingdom know that many wines exist on the market today that are ideal for the holiday season. For example, Beychevelle from 2008 is one kind of wine that many vintners  suggest. They like this particular kind of wine because it has many soft undertones that pair well with varied meal components. The fruity wine has hints of several kinds of fruits including both raspberry and cranberry. It makes an ideal item to pair with a Christmas dessert with a sauce or with a piece of chocolate that needs something to bring out the elegant notes in the dark chocolate.

Other Kinds Of Wines

Those at the UK Vintners also have other suggestions that are ideal for any Christmas dessert. For example, those who like to have a wine that has hints of things like apricots and spices can pick out the the D’Yquem 2009. This particularly wine is ideal for those who want something they can also serve with a traditional fruity dessert that is usually served at this time of year such as an Eton Mess with lots of fruit in it. The wine is made in a region of France that is noted for being a place where wine has been made for many centuries.

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True Experts

Working with UK Vintners helps anyone figure out how to create a menu of wine that is right for any occasion they have in mind. As independent wine brokers, they are people who know exactly which kind of wine might work for any kind of occasion the person has in mind. They have been helping residents of the United Kingdom pick out wines for a long time.

They work with a large network of many companies that are also dedicated to bringing wines to the United Kingdom from all over the world. Working with this company means working with people who really care about what they do and want to help people learn to appreciate the wine they they can purchase. Their staffers have spent many years studying the world of wine in order to discover which particular wines are right for any meal or just right for just having a wine and cheese party at home. They are there for their customers all year long.

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Talk Fusion Launches Free Trials

Just recently, Talk Fusion decided to launch the highly anticipated thirty-day free trial. According to the global leader in video marketing, the free trial has been initiated in nine different languages, and consumers in more than one hundred and forty nations can enjoy the services. All the prospective customers in the globe can try the video marketing solutions instantly without making payments in the next thirty days.


Talk Fusion had spent a whole year while planning for the free trial. After a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication, the team of experts were thrilled to give all the prospective customers an opportunity to understand the effectiveness of video marketing that can only be providing at first hand.


The chief executive officer at Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, says that there is no comparison in the globe to the value his company brings to the consumers. According to Bob Reina, the plan was to put all the company’s products into many hands in the world fast. When customers try the video marketing solutions from Talk Fusion, they will be interested in purchasing them.


All the businesses, individuals, and charities that are interested in the video marketing products can access them through the new sleek and redesigned company website. It is very easy and quick to sign up, and there will be no personal details or maybe credit card information needed during the process. A name and an email address will be enough to complete the process.


After signing up through the website, the free trial users will be able to gain full access to the video newsletters, video email, sign up forms and live meetings. The new users will be able to realize the many benefits of using the powerful marketing products from Talk Fusion immediately after they are on the website.


The new users are expected to find the new site and products easy to use and intuitive, the company has decided to equip the free trials with a virtual library that will help them in getting the most out of their experience. According to Bob Reina, the library has a plethora of resources that are easy to understand such as step by step guides, video product tutorials and while papers that have helpful tips for boosting business.

Communication for the Better Tomorrow

Securus Technologies is a well-known and reliable information technology company located within the United States of America. Their main customer base is found within the United States prison system, with their main base of loyalty coming from incarcerated individuals currently facing time within the system itself. By supplying their loyal customers with reliable and high-quality forms of security and Communications Technologies Securus is it continually growing company that looks to make a lot more Headway in the near future. It was recently mentioned online that the company plans on promoting one of its most popular products, a video chat software package.


This software package is in the form of a free downloadable application that is compatible on both Android and Apple devices, as well as home desktop computers and laptops. Using the application is simple and easy, with an inmate only having to open the application and being connected to a Wi-Fi connection in order to communicate openly and freely with their loved ones on the outside. This video chat technology means that traditional visitation periods are a thing of the past, allowing family members to avoid long drives to the prison and uncomfortable Security checks.


The promotion of this particular item will open new doors for customers to come to Securus for the communication and security needs. It means that they will be able to solve a lot more questions and new customers might have, and will also be able to offer the same level of support and dedication to their loyal fan base and customers who have been using them for years since the original Construction.


Fabletics expands business model, opens retail outlets

Actress Kate Hudson’s athletic wear brand, Fabletics, shows fabulous growth. The online monthly subscription service for fashionable athletic wear opened its seventh bricks and mortar retail location at Minnesota’s Mall of America, Forbes reported in February 2016. Fabletics co-CEO Adam Goldenberg said the company set a goal of opening 75 to 100 stores during the next three to five years.

A visit to the Fabletics website lets shoppers find the value in VIP status. The price point rests about $10 below a Lululemon purchase if you’re a regular customer, but joining the VIP program nets you a hefty discount to Target level prices. Your first VIP outfit costs $25 – not item – outfit. Thereafter, every month, Fabletics ships you a new workout outfit for $49.95 tailored to your sports preferences. You can cancel shipment any month by logging on between the 1st and 5th and clicking a button. Fashion and athletic bloggers rave over the clothes, and the company fills about 800,000 orders per month, according to Goldenberg.

“Largely speaking, customers really like this program,” he said.

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In Stores
The seven existing stores carry the same merchandise and function under the same discount model. You can pay full price, but sales associates encourage customers to join the VIP program. That nets customers the same discounts in the store. That discount can turn a $79.95 item into a $49.95 item.

“We want to completely mirror the stores to the online experience,” Goldenberg said in the Forbes interview.

Not a bad idea since Fabletics generated $150 million in 2015 revenue, mostly from its e-commerce business. Its online customers have flocked to the stores, accounting for about 40 percent of sales, so far. Shoppers cited wanting to try on an item before buying it as the big reason for making the trip to the bricks and mortar location.

A little healthy competition helps, too. Fabletics stores near an Athleta or a Lululemon store generate the best sales. Although the clothing at all three stores starts out at a similar price, the Fabletics subscription discount offer boosts its sales in the retail competition.

The discount idea came from Hudson, who saw a gap in women’s athletic wear, namely that quality workout gear didn’t come at an affordable price. The actress and mother, a champion of encouraging women to lead an active, healthy lifestyle, found a way to change that by partnering with Goldenberg and Fabletics co-CEO Don Ressler. Hudson actively promotes her brand, choosing her own favorite outfits each month and posting photos of herself wearing them to her Instagram.

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