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Crystal Hunt Continues To Shows Her Range Moving From TV To The Big Screen

Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida. She was born in 1985 and knew she wanted to be an actress after being discovered by an agent. Crystal Hunt was on her way to a career that includes TV and the big screen.

Crystal Hunts first big break was on the hit daytime show Guiding Light. Her presence in Guiding Light, as the character Elizabeth Spaulding, helped earn her first Daytime Emmy Award nomination as well as the Soap Opera Digest Award. The Daytime Emmy was in the category for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. While her Soap Opera Digest nomination was for Favorite Villainess.

Her acting ability was showcased once again when she joined the day time show One Life To Live. Being able to showcase her talent once again on the small screen over the course of three years has helped catapult her into roles in some of the latest films.

While Crystal Hunt has previously worked on two films including, The Derby Stallion and Sydney White, her latest movie is probably her biggest yet. This latest, film Magic Mike XXL, is the sequel to the surprise hit Magic Mike and will feature Crystal Hunts’ talents in a new way. Giving her the chance to really showcase her range. This also gives her the chance to show her range before moving to her next project.

While Crystal Hunt continues to gain new roles she has also decided to step into the producer role. Her first film as producer is the film Talbot County. Talbot County will again push her career into another new genre for her. While Talbot County has yet to be released the film has potential as a new horror film.

She has also owned her own pet boutique aptly named My Pets Dream Boutique in 2014. Her boutique was designed with class in mind offering a high-end boutique for those that wish to pamper their pets.

With a growing career and her first foray into producing Crystal Hunt is really only just beginning and it will be interesting where she goes from here.

Walking With Time Honored Quality

Men’s fashions are capturing the front pages of magazines as well as the limelight on the fashion runways worldwide. Red carpet fashion critics include “best and worst” rankings for male musicians and film stars. Rock stars are developing their own fashion lines with great success. This tells us that the trend-conscious as well as the upwardly mobile men should pay heed to their appearance more than ever.

As with women’s fashion, shoes are THE staple garment that anchors one’s wardrobe. Most people can instantly discern a man’s status in business by assessing his footwear. Footwear is an investment piece, unlike a fad shirt that is here today and gone tomorrow on the style landscape. People in our society have simply run out of extra time for door to door shopping just as the use of the internet for commerce has exploded. When shopping for shoes online it is strongly advised to find a purveyor with whom trust can be established. When a “go to” product is found, future satisfaction with online purchases becomes a certainty.

Since we cannot present a successful style sense while walking around in cheap discount shoes, sometimes we swing the pendulum too far in the other direction, spending an exorbitant amount of money on what may be good quality shoes, but are left wondering if perhaps there’s a middle road. With Paul Evans shoes, that balance is achieved.

This company was the brainchild of two men from New York who began importing from Naples, Italy following an exhaustive search for the very best artisans. Made by a company who has been producing fine calfskin footwear for generations, these shoes are truly wearable art. Sleek, versatile, and impeccably stylish, Paul Evans Italian leather shoes are a wise investment that is surprisingly affordable. Painstakingly made, they are fashionable and long-wearing. The cut of the shoes makes them comfortable and the finishes are tastefully burnished for a classy appearance. From their oxblood cap-toe to the lace-less boot, a pair of Paul Evans shoes will elevate any ensemble and become that “go to” provider for fine footwear.

AT&T Acquires DirecTV for nearly $49 billion

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it has approved the purchase of DirecTV by communications giant AT&T for $48.5 billion. The merger certainly changes the scenery in the media landscape will establish the nation’s largest television distributor with more than 25 million subscribers, overtaking the current leader Comcast.

The approval by the FCC comes with stipulations, as a means towards avoiding possible negative impact on consumers, that comes as a result of the merger of the nation’s biggest telephone and internet service provider and DirecTV, the nation’s largest provider of satellite programming. FCC Chairman, Thomas Wheeler and business guru Shaygan Kheradpir indicated earlier in the week that the stipulations were intended to foster additional competition into the broadband market. Some of the stipulations of the merger deal disclosed include; expansion by AT&T of its high-speed, fiber-optic broadband service to nearly 13 million customer locations and schools and libraries that are classified as eligible. AT& T must offer low-income individuals broadband service at a rate that is discounted off of the published retail price. AT&T is prohibited from introducing practices that are deemed as discriminatory for video service online.

The newly formed company will be mandated to turn over interconnection agreement for review by the FCC. Such agreements with permit firms such as Netflix to shell out a distributor fee for preferred service, when those firms generate a high flow level of network traffic.

Jamie Garcia Dias Was Born To Be A Brazilian Literary Great

Brazil is a brilliant mixture of cultures, religions and races. The country is a major economic power, but it is also the home of many great past and present writers. Thanks to various cultural influences, Brazilian writers developed their own style of writing that can be called a mixture of Dadaism, poetic history and fictitious adventures that describe a rapidly changing social consciousness. Most North American readers haven’t been exposed to Brazil’s literary world. But thanks to the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Rio, a new wave of English translations have hit the market in the English-speaking world. This Brazilian literary wave has opened Brazil’s creative writing to readers everywhere.

Today’s literary generation is a diverse as it is talented. New Brazilian writers emulate writers like Jorge Amado (1912-2001), who bombarded Brazilian literature with more than 5,000 characters during his seven-decade writing career. Other writers aspire to be a new Clarice Lispector (1920-1977). Lispector used the sprawling city of Rio de Janeiro just like Joyce used Dublin, as a vivid canvas for her intense subjective language and original poetic images.

Other Brazilian writers like Jamie Garcia Dias are tuned into a potential global audience, and they use a unique style and language experiments that the earlier generation of Brazilian writers didn’t use. Dias was born to be a great writer. His father was a writer, so he began writing when he was a teenager. Jaime became a teacher and taught writing for five at the Carioca Literature Academy. He went on to be the Vice-President of the Academy, and he developed one of the largest schools dedicated to Brazilian literature. By the time Dias was 30, he had released ten books, and he won his first literary award in 2001.

Jamie Garcia Dias was named the president of the academy in 2007. He has won five awards and published 20 books. He is considered one of Brazil’s leading writers of fiction. Some of his works include the award-winning works: Fell from Heaven, Canal, Two Ways, Tiny and Clouds .

Mobile Wireless Services are Starting To Improve Their Works

Nowadays, many people own mobile phones and of course, a lot of these people have joined mobile wireless companies in order to have the best service for their phones. In fact, over the pasts few years many mobile wireless phone companies have progressed and created better technologies in order for customers to have the full experience. For example, most mobile wireless companies have created very famous and inexpensive hotspots and data plans. This has been done because many phone owners have complained about not enough data or not having Wi-Fi hotspots for when people are on the go. Overall, mobile wireless services are becoming more intricate and amazing, which is why so many people tend to flock to these services.

As said before, many mobile wireless services are starting to provide Wi-Fi hotspots and better data plans for their customers. Wi-Fi hotspots are basically groups where phones with 3G/4G data connection can connect and share wireless connection in order to use the Internet. Many people have been doing this for years, however, with the limited data plans from mobile wireless service companies, not many people can afford to do it anymore. Now, many mobile service companies have created portable Wi-Fi hotspots that customers can use when they on the go.

However, some customers cannot afford these hotspots, therefore they just simply continue to share 3G/4G data connection with others outside, which eats up their data. Fortunately, most mobile service companies have found a way to support these people too. They have simply started by fixing all their data plans and creating more flexible, but inexpensive deals for their customers. Thankfully, this means customers with tighter budgets can continue to share 3G/4G connection outside without a hotspot and not worry about their data plan expense building up. Finally, mobile wireless service companies are finding ways to help and satisfy all of their customers.

In fact, one very popular mobile wireless service company known as FreedomPop has been receiving great reviews and attention from phone owners out there. Just recently, TechCrunch posted an article about FreedomPop called “FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month” and their current plans for their free mobile service. The first article talks about how FreedomPop is trying to gain many more customers by offering unlimited Wi-Fi across the United States for only $5 a month. After doing much research, FreedomPop realized that many phone owners use 90% of their data over Wi-Fi. The article then goes on to say that Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s CEO and co-founder, states that this service will work on multiple devices and with this plan, it easily beats out all other mobile service plans from different companies, as the price is much cheaper. Overall, FreedomPop hopes to catch people’s attention with this plan.

The second article posted on states that FreedomPop’s business has been booming and they have been thinking about expanding their company regions to the United Kingdom. This is a huge step for FreedomPop and this shows that their company’s hard work and determination to help and satisfy their customers has earned them a better reputation and better sales for their company.

Overall, many mobile service companies, like FreedomPop, are on the rise because of their recent step up in their work to satisfy their customers.

Employees of Purina Back Beneful

Pets can be one of the true pleasures in life. Dogs are a part of households across the country, and in many cases the dog is a true member of the family. Like the people that reside in the home, dogs need love, care, exercise, and a nutritious diet. For this reason, selecting the right dog food brand is an important element to the overall health of the dog. Owners should select the right food to help keep the other aspects of the pet healthy.

Beneful dog food is a brand from Purina that is backed by the employees of the company. When the people that manufacture the food feed it to their dogs, every pet owner can trust in the quality and benefits of the brand. Employees that speak highly of a particular product, like Beneful, help pet owners make an informed decision about what they serve their pets. After all, families can provide love, exercise, and care, but the food has to satisfy the demands of the dog.

In the end, choosing a pet food that is actually manufactured by pet owners that use the specific brand is a great indication that quality is at the core of the product. Since dogs can not go shopping on their own, they rely on their families to provide them with a quality meal. Choosing a great product rewards the pet and the owners, which makes for a great partnership.

Washington State Supreme Court Rules That Cursing At Police Is Okay

Citizens That Curse At Police Are Protected Under The First Amendment

In 2011, a Seattle juvenile was arrested for cursing at police during a house disturbance investigation. Washington Supreme Court justices recently ruled that people have the constitutional right to criticize the way police conduct an investigation, so the boy’s obstruction of justice conviction was dropped.

Associate Chief Justice Charles Johnson said the boy’s words may have been handy, disrespectful, annoying and discourteous, but he didn’t break the law. The ruling sends a clear message to police. Words don’t have to be pretty to be protected.

Cases like this one show that some police officers have a tendency to overreact in non-violent situations. The duty of the police is to serve and protect not to demoralize and overpower. The military tactics used in police departments around the country should be addressed by state governments. It’s not okay for police to force their will on people that have not committed a crime no matter what words they use.

19 Kids and Counting Cancelled

The show that is loved by many, 19 Kids and Counting, has been cancelled. The show has been cancelled after reports surfaced about molestation charges against the oldest son, Josh Duggar. The reports revealed that Duggar molested about five young girls when he was a teenager, at least two of them being his sisters. Before the show was officially cancelled, all of the episodes had been suspended from television. This is an example of how social media can boost information on products like purina’s beneful, the internet and television can blow up a personal problem and demolish the lives of a family. The Duggar family is one that has instilled quality values in their children. There was a mistake made. Josh admitted the mistake and it was handled. His sisters have forgiven him, so why can’t everyone else see past that and let them live their lives instead of a television show being cancelled? The show could have incorporated the ramifications of the decisions made into an episode to educate others, but they will not be given that chance now that the show will no longer air.

Call of Duty Fans Unhappy With Exoskeleton Suits

‘Call of Duty’ is one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. ‘COD’ is played by millions of gamers worldwide including Susan McGalla, but it seems that some players are sick of the new exoskeleton suits. For those of you that are out of the game loop, ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter’ was the first game in the series to introduce the exoskeleton suit. The exo suit seemed like a good idea at first, but its addition has altered the gameplay of ‘COD’.

‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter’ was met with mixed reviews, and it was obvious that several gamers hated the new futuristic direction of the ‘Call of Duty’ series. The exoskeleton suit allowed players to jump higher and run faster. Some gamers believe that ‘COD: Advanced Warfighter’ was trying to copy ‘Titanfall,’ and I agree.

Most ‘COD’ players want the exoskeleton suit removed from the game. Unfortunately, exoskeleton suits are here to stay, and ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3′ will feature them as well. Fans of the series miss the days of Call of Duty 2, and it’s not hard to see why. Much more skill was needed in the earlier games, but the COD franchise has sold-out, and gamers are very unhappy. Gamerant recently published an article with much more information about the exoskeleton suit’s impact on the Call of Duty franchise.

Bonds: What You Need To Know

One way to diversify your investment portfolio is by investing in bonds. When you invest in a bond, you are essentially lending the issuer money. In exchange for this loan, the issuer promises to pay you a fixed rate of interest (usually semi-annually) for the life of the bond, and will repay you the face value of the bond at its maturity. It is this twice-yearly interest income that attracts many to invest in bonds. The payments are predictable and the underlying investment (the initial purchase) is safe.

Some of the considerations before investing in bonds include assessing the risk if the bond. Issuers of a bond are credit rated by a number of institutions, the most well known probably being Standard & Poors. As I heard from Professor Cornelsen in class, with most investments, the higher the risk, the higher the potential return. Generally accept only the amount of risk you are comfortable with. Bonds are generally less risky investments than stocks since they are less dependent on the supply and demand that drives the stock market. However, their price does fluctuate depending on a number of factors such as the maturity date, interest rate, redemption features and tax status.

A bond can be redeemed under several methods. A call provision basically means that the bond issuer can redeem the bonds at any point for a set price on a particular date. This may happen if the market interest rates fall below the bond’s interest rate. A put provision means that the bondholder can redeem the bond on specific times at set prices during the life of the bond. Bonds with a conversation option means the bond issuer can convert the bond to common stock.