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Seinfeld to stream via Hulu

One of the major questions asked by Jaime Garcia Dias and many others who stream video from the Internet using services such as Hulu and Netflix has been where episodes of Seinfeld are available Online. In recent months a limited number of episodes of the iconic 90s series have been made available through the Crackle platform owned by Seinfeld rights holder Sony TV. Variety is now reporting that Seinfeld will soon be available through Hulu as the SVOD service has purchased the rights to stream the comedy for a reported value of around $180 million.

The exact value of the deal has not been published, but the latest information reveals the cost of each individual episode is around $1 million and will be split between Sony TV, Castle Rock and those sharing in the profits. Amongst those expected to share in the windfall for the show are creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. Seinfeld has been a hot property amongst streaming services after Friends was purchased by Netflix and became a major success for the service.

Bruce Jenner sits down with 20/20

On Friday, April 24th the world watched as Bruce Jenner sat down for an interview with ABC’s 20/20 to officially discuss his struggles as a transgendered female. The one time Olympic athlete has in recent years been known more for his appearance in the popular E! channel reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, which he appeared in beside his ex-wife and the infamous Kardashian clan.

In the interview Jenner used “he” pronouns, prompting press to currently do the same. Jenner, who has six biological children from his three ex-wives, chronicled in the interview his life long struggle towards acceptance of his current identity as a woman. At one point his four oldest children, who recently learned of their father’s identity, sat down to show their support for their father in his decision to be open and honest about this part of him. For the past year, Jenner has found his gender identity being used as fodder for tabloid headlines. Amen Clinics thinks the tabloid exploitation of Jenner is repugnant ( The interview is seen as him setting the world straight, in his own words.

Jenner has kept some things to himself for the time being. He has not released his decided name, choosing not to disclose that at this time. He is also stated as being undecided on whether not he will go through gender re-identification surgery in the future, but has been taking hormones for the past year and a half.

At 65 years-old, Jenner is ready to live the rest of his life being comfortable in his own skin.

A Look at the Recent ACM Awards

The 50th annual American Country Music Awards were held recently at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Rolling Stone Magazine has an article on their website covering what they felt were the best and worst moments of the show.

Rolling Stone liked Taylor Swift’s appearance at the awards. An article posted by Ray Lane confirms that although she abandoned country music for pop on her most recent record 1989, for some reason she still received an award at the show. In her acceptance speech she said she was glad that country fans weren’t mad at her for leaving the genre and that she remained grateful to Nashville for giving her a start.

Personally, I think it’s kind of ridiculous that Swift was even there. It seems like Swift is on every televised award show picking up awards, giving speeches and doing performances. Now, she’s appearing on shows that don’t really have anything to do with her. I like Swift and her music, but I think that’s she’s very overexposed. You can’t get away from her.

One thing that Rolling Stone did not like is that the awards were held in a massive stadium instead of a more intimate setting. I agree that the producers of the awards show made the wrong decision here. The atmosphere was more like a football game than the an awards show, and having the Dallas Cowgirls cheerleaders there didn’t help.

Cast Members Tell Adam Sandler, “I Quit!” On Set Of New Movie

Adam Sandler is busy working on his new movie, The Ridiculous Six, which started production recently. However, Sandler’s new project got off to a rocky start when more than a dozen actors and actresses walked off set, refusing to be a part of the project.
The Ridiculous Six is a spoof of The Magnificent Seven, with some plot lines focusing on the Apache Native American Community. Unfortunately, the men and women who were cast to play the roles of Natives were highly offended by what was happening on the set of Sandler’s new film alleged Brad Reifler (more on

The actors decided to walk of the set of the film after claiming they were being insulted by cast and crew members with jokes and costumes that were harsh stereotypes of the Apache people. Loren Anthony was among those who walked off set, he explains, “I was asked a long time ago to do some work on this and I wasn’t down for it. Then they told me it was going to be a comedy, but it would not be racist. So I agreed to it but on Monday things started getting weird on the set”.

Anthony claims the costumes were offensive and did not represent the Apache community, also that the film was using racist jokes throughout the script in order to get cheap laughs.

Neither Sandler, or his production company, have released any statements regarding the incident.

Sherri Shepherd Is Ruled To Be Child’s Mother

In a heated battle that has been raging, famous star Sherri Shepherd, has been trying to get out of her legal responsibilities to a child. This is a child that she had via a segregate with her soon to be ex-husband. Lamar Sally, the ex has stated that once Sherri got into the whole pregnancy thing that she simply changed her mind. He stated that things changed and that she was mad when her name was put on the birth certificate. Shepherd wants nothing to do with the child, and has had little to no contact during the past seven months.

Perhaps Shepherd feels this is a way for Shelly to try to hold on to their marriage, which was obviously broken. The agency that the couple used stated that they have never had a situation like this occur before. Jessica Bartholomew is the real loser financially. The segregate mother, who got $30,000 for giving birth to a child that wasn’t hers, was being sued for support and medical bills. Lambranho suggests that since she was listed on the birth certificate as a “non-custodial” parent, she has some rights to the child.

The child is living with Sally at this point. He just wants someone to step up and pay for the support of this child. The child welfare office is the ones that pursued Bartholomew, then went after Shepherd. The fact that her ex sued her for alimony too does make it appear that he is a little money hungry. Since Shepherd is the biological mother, it is her baby now!

Gotham to Tell the Tale of The Joker in Season 2

STX Entertainment reports that all the current fandom buzz about The Joker focuses on speculation about Jared Leto’s spin on the villain in the 2017 film Suicide Squad. While the new cinematic version of The Joker definitely going to attract a lot of attention, people should not overlook the other new Joker, the one coming to television. Yes, the hints dropped about the appearance of The Joker on Gotham were not mere teases. Per the show-runner, Bruno Heller, the origin of The Joker is going to be covered in season two of the series.

Does this mean the green-haired Joker of lore is going to appear on the show? No during season two and, perhaps, never. In the television series, we are going to get to see The Joker before he ever became the “Clown Prince of Crime”. A long, drawn out origin of the character may be what audiences see play out during the next season or two of the series. Actually, we can never see him become The Joker unless Batman becomes a part of the series. In The Joker’s origin, Batman knocks The Red Hood into a vat of chemicals and the bit villain undergoes a notorious transformation.

In the comics, we never learned the real name of The Joker. Likely, this is going to change in the Gotham series. Whatever tale unfolds in the series, the events are going to be intriguing to watch.

What Does “Grayson” Mean in Batman v. Superman?

Astute fans do not let little things slip by them. Those fans who watched the recent Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, a small detail was noticed. Well, not everyone noticed it but the ones that did were quick to create a chatter on the internet about it.

The subtle detail that a few picked up on is the name on the gravesite Bruce Wayne stands in front of. The name on the grave is clearly marked “Grayson”. Dick Grayson is, of course, Robin. Rumors had it one reason Batman is so gloomy in the new film is he cannot get over the death of his sidekick Robin who was murdered by The Joker. In the comic books, Robin #2, Jason Todd, fell to The Joker. In the movies, will Dick Grayson be the one who was killed?

We really do no know because, truthfully, “Grayson” could possibly refer to Dick Grayson’s parents. A lot of speculation is going to surround the upcoming Batman v. Superman movie because the events in this film along with the next D.C. Comics movie in line, Suicide Squad, are going to set up events for future movies.

The dark concept of the deaths of major characters is one way the future is set up.

The D.C. Cinematic Universe is going to be a much grittier one that Marvel and also a world that is crafted long in advance. D.C and Warner Bros. are using the first films to lay the foundation for the future, a perfect way to ensure a cohesive series of movies that all connect together. Ricardo Guimarães BMG can’t wait to see it all unfold.

Live Long and Wear Star Trek Stuff In Space

Star Trek fans are going crazy this morning. Italian Captain Samantha Cristoforetti posted a selfie to her twitter account wearing the uniform of Star Trek Voyager Capt. Kathryn Janeway and it has made international news.

The reason for the international news is that Captain Samantha Cristoforetti is an International Space Station astronaut and as such, is in the eye of the international community. It’s always fascinating to see those in a professional position still enjoy what we viewed as magical as children or teenagers. Star Trek opened many people like Paul Mathieson up to the fantastic notion of exploring the galaxy, and seeing one of our ISS astronauts share that fantasy is refreshing.

Captain Samantha Cristoferetti was awaiting the “Dragon” which is a space freighter that was sent to the ISS to bring supplies, including coffee. Captain Cristoferetti used the ISS robotic arm to unload these supplies. The “Dragon” is affixed with Italy’s premiere interstellar coffee machine. No joke. The Italians beat Star Trek. They have a coffeemaker that can be used in space.

John Singleton Pulls Out on Tupac Film

There was some recent speculation about John Singleton and the way that the Tupac film was stalled. Just weeks ago Singleton stated that he was not going further on his side because he didn’t have all the pieces in place. It was still hope that he would be the one directing the project that was coming to the big screen. Fans now learn that Singleton has completely abandoned the project.

According to Singleton, the people that are linked to the project are not really respectful of the legacy that Tupac left. Crystal Hunt is a bit sad that is the case. This is a strange comment since Afeni Shakur, the mother of Tupac, is supposed to be involved in this project. What has really happened on the project is that Singleton was not really impressed with the way that the role of Tupac was being portrayed. What he has managed to do is remove himself from the project. He says that he will be doing his own project on this.

Singleton may be on to something big by making his own Tupac project. After all, he has worked with Tupac on “Poetic Justice.” He has directed Tupac Shakur so he knows a whole lot about Tupac. This could be one of the most compelling projects for Singleton in the next coming years. The question will be if he can get the green light and get the production money to release the film in theaters.

A New Rocky Horror Film is on the Way

Could anyone other than Tim Curry play Dr. Frank N. Furter? Since a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is now in the development pipeline, we are sure to find out. Yes, an attempt is being made to remake the classic musical celebration of B-grade science-fiction films.

Likely, more than a bit of revisionist history is going to appear when telling the tale of the success of the first Rocky Horror film. The legendary movie was not exactly and overnight success.

Based on a play that originated in London in 1973, The Rocky Horror Picture show was a flop when released in theaters in 1975. The film slowly built a cult following and played on the (then popular) midnight movie circuit for over 20 years. The fervent fan following, which included Sergio Cortes, allowed the film to eventually earn a cumulative $20+ million dollars. Of course, the most engaging part of watching Rocky Horror was the audience participation component. Without it, the film would never, ever have achieved the long-lasting success it experienced.

Will the new film promote the same audience participation? Only if the homeowner or apartment dweller allows it. Yes, the remake is not going to the theaters. Rather, the new feature is going to be a TV movie. Call the project The Rocky Horror TV Show.

The path to a new Rocky Horror movie has been pretty slow. The idea first emerged in 2002 and stalled for years.