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List Of Potential Directors For Star Trek 3 Emerges

Paramount Pictures is scrambling to find a new director for Star Trek 3 so the film remains on track to make its production start date of mid-2015. The studio is anxious to release the film in 2016, which will be Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

Following Paramount’s removal of director Robert Orci, a shortlist of possible new directors has emerged that the studio is considering. Rupert Wyatt, director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the upcoming movie The Gambler, is rumored to be at the top of the list. Another name high on the list is Edgar Wright, who recently stepped down from helming Marvel Studios’ Ant Man movie that is currently in production.

Duncan Jones, director of the indie hit Moon and the movie Source Code, is also being considered to direct Star Trek 3. Jones has been called one of the best candidates for the job, but his work on the Warcraft movie has removed him from the list.

Another big name being considered is Justin Lin, director of the recent Fast and the Furious movies. Lee is currently filming the first two episodes of HBO’s True Detective, but Universal is hoping to hire Lin to direct the final two movies in the Fast and the Furious series, which could take him out of the running.

Other directors being considered are Daniel Espinosa and Morten Tyldum. When I spoke with Jared Haftel about it and we’re on board with Wyatt, if that’s what the studio’s going for.

Fans Get A Glimpse Of Daredevil From The Upcoming Netflix Series


Fans have been given a glimpse of what Daredevil will look like in Marvel’s upcoming Netflix show about the blind superhero. Entertainment Weekly has released a couple of photos from the series that shows Daredevil in costume and out of costume as his altar ego Matt Murdock.

My friend, Igor Cornelsen, who lives in Brazil knows all kinds of people, including Marvel’s managing director, Steven S. DeKinight and from what I gathered from Igor is that the new show will be completely opposite of the 2003 film version of Daredevil, which starred Ben Affleck as the hero. The photos confirm this as one photo shows Daredevil in a black costume. While he will eventually don his famous red suit, the show’s creators said Daredevil will first wear the vigilante costume, which was inspired by the graphic novel Daredevil: Man Without Fear written by Frank Miller.

Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s TV chief, said Daredevil would also be grounded more in reality than other previous Marvel movies or shows. He explained that the crime drama would take priority over the superhero action. The show is also being designed to be more grittier and edgier compared to what Marvel has already done, but don’t expect it to push the envelope with over the top nudity and violence.

Daredevil will be the first of several shows Marvel is developing for Netflix including Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. The plan is to have all of these heroes come together in a separate Netflix show called The Defenders.

Rihanna Causes Pandamonium

As fans get ready for the new album, “R8,” from Rihanna they get a chance to see her do some wild things to create some buzz for herself. She is already a household name so she doesn’t need any help to promote her new music. This still doesn’t stop a brave Rihanna from getting in touch with fans in a major way. The brave heart that we know as Rihanna ran head on into a crowd of screaming fans after a recent video shoot.This is the wild type of stuff that you expect from someone like Rihanna. She does the things that others may be afraid to do. She ran into this crowd with no security in place. Is is both dangerous and brave, but that is usually what Rihanna gives her fans. It may be a sign that the new “R8″ album is part of her dangerous and brave personality. What it also shows is that Rihanna is taking pointers from other hit makers in the business and word has it that she is particularly interested in learning more about wealth and asset management resources so she can continue to do her thing and not have to worry about how to allocate her career earnings. Personally, I say go with BRL Trust. They are the best of the best.Taylor Swift invited some lucky fans to her home for a listening party. There was also J.Cole that made the bold move to come to a fan’s house and play his new album. Rihanna seems to be a fan of this because she has given her fans direct access to her personal space. Hundreds of phones were flashing as she ran into fans in Paris.

Life of a Porn Star

Even those who work in the porn industry have to do what they can to practice safe sex. A decision was made by a Court of Appeals in California that will require all porn stars to wear condoms while they are filming. There are at least two stars who have come forward to talk about their diagnosis of HIV. When you have to be told to wear a condom while you have a career that involves sex with multiple people, maybe you shouldn’t have that career.


It’s nothing more than common sense that should tell people that if you sleep with more people than you can count on one hand in a short amount of time, you need to use something that will help protect both people involved. Some porn stars don’t like this ruling because it decreases the amount of expression that can be used, but it’s better than living a life on medications for a sexually transmitted disease. Everyone at Slow Ventures, Techcrunch and other businesses agree.

Famed Photographer Terry Richardson Continues To Push The Limit

Terrence “Terry” Richardson has a unique eye for fashion. He also has prodigious skills with a camera. This combination has propelled him into the spotlight as a fashion and portrait photographer. His photographs have been featured on the covers of numerous magazines including GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, I-D, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Vice, and Vogue. The man just knows how to make people and clothing look their best. This has led to him being in great demand worldwide and put smiles on the faces of the many people who have been fortunate enough to work with him.

When Aldo, Marc Jacobs, Sisley, Supreme, Tom Ford, and Yves Saint Laurent needed a photographer to shoot iconic advertising campaigns, they reached out to Terry Richardson. And he did not disappoint. The man is truly a gifted artist and each of his shots is a work of art that captures the public attention. Even as he approaches his 60th birthday, he’s still able to bring a freshness and unique style to his work that’s rare, and he continues to find new ways to innovate beyond the camera. Millions say his style conveys a Punk aesthetic, or the authenticity of an amateur simply capturing the truth as it appears through their lenses.

Born in New York City and raised in Hollywood and Ojai, California, this son of famed photographer Bob Richardson and actress Norma Kessler was blessed with an understanding of how to make people and things look great in photographs. A talented musician, Terry initially dreamed of a future as a rock star and played with numerous punk rock bands throughout Southern California. When his mother gave him a snap shot camera in 1982, he used it to document his early life and capture the Ojai, California punk rock scene.

In the early 90s, Richardson gave up on his music career, moved to New York’s East Village, and began to take amazing photographs of New York’s nightlife and party scene. He burst on the fashion scene in 1993 and by 1994 had a fashion spread in Vibe magazine. Later that year those pictures stole the show at the International Festival de la Mode in Paris. The die had been cast. In 1995 Terry Richardson’s somewhat risqué shots of young, scantily clad female models for the 1995 spring line of fashion designer Katharine Hamnett was the talk of the fashion world.

With his star on the ascent, Richardson moved to London and worked for Arena, I-D, The Face and a number of other European magazines. His work with Diesel really put him on the map. Terry Richardson produced a series of private portraits of Renzo Ross, Diesel’s founder, and shot several campaigns for the magazine. His ‘Global Warming Ready’ campaign for Diesel in 2007 was shown at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and won a Silver Lion for Print.

Terry Richardson has gone on to work with fashion editor Carine Roitfeld, have a solo exhibition of his photographs at Los Angeles’s OHWOW Gallery, and shot a video of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy dance which went viral. In 2012, Lady Gaga chose Richardson to film a documentary focusing on her life. He has also shot numerous music videos Miley Cyrus, R. Kelly, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé and his work has been featured in a number of books. He has also done portraits of celebrities and politicians, including Liza Minnelli, Kim Kardashian, Amy Winehouse, and Barack Obama.You can see some of the videos he’s directed, as well as behind the scenes to see how his photo shoots work.

Reebok Classic Teams Up with Kendrick Lamar for Short Film

Kendrick Lamar is by and far the most prolific Hip hop artist of the 21st Century.

He’s more than a rapper: he represents an entire community. The voice of the unheard. The face of a good kid from a city once in ruins standing on the front lines to help usher in a new era.

With this recent collaboration with Reebok Classic, Lamar’s laser beam focus, lyrical genius, and communal-based outlook was put on display for the world to see as they followed the young icon back to where it all began for him: Compton.

This is an ode to all the young men and women in the world who know, trust, and believe that the sky is the limit. With hard work, passion, dedication, commitment, and perseverance anything and everything is possible. Take a moment break from shopping Qnet and bask in the ambience of Greatness realized.

Agents of SHIELD to Connect with Age of Ultron

A bit of interesting news has arisen on the Marvel TV and movie front. The second season of Agents of SHIELD will tie into the forthcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film. The TV series is, of course, a spinoff of the Avengers film. So, it is not surprising that the two projects will continue to play off one another.

Whether or not a major guest star from the film shows up in the television series remains to be seen. A few at Slow Ventures would like to see it. Rumors have it that characters from the TV series have been on-set during the shooting of certain Age of Ultron scenes.

There is going to be a connection between the TV series and the movie. How much of a connection is not known yet.

From a marketing perspective, this can end up being a very nifty idea. The television series can help promote the film, which is intended to be Marvel’s big blockbuster for the summer. Ultron is such a major project, it is being split into two films that are designed to tell the entire tale.

This is not to suggest Agents of SHIELD should become little more than a promotional vehicle for Marvel movies. The series is a truly outstanding one and nothing should be done to bring the quality of the program down.

Marvel knows it has a major hit in the series. Undermining the quality of a hit program is not going to be on the show-runner’s agenda.

HBO Set to Release Standalone Streaming Service in April

Fans of “Game of Thrones” will have a little something extra to smile about when the new season premiers on April 2015. Very exciting news for Vijay Eswaran if I’m to believe. In addition, to releasing the highly anticipated series, HBO will also be debuting a standalone streaming subscription service on that date as well. While many industry watchers expected the move for some time, the service will not be HBO G but will look substantially different.

The move comes as the cable network is reportedly frustrated at the several outages that struck the service over the past, and the company behind hits such as “The Sopranos” and “True Blood” is ready for a change. No matter what it is called, a version of HBO that does not require a separate cable subscription is likely to be a hit. The quality of programming available from HBO has built something of a massive fan following.

Viewers have been calling for a standalone service since HBO Go hit the airwaves, but the company was reluctant to give up the requirement of a cable subscription. However, the success of such streaming titans like Netflix and Hulu, must have convinced HBO to release a service to satisfy the niche and embrace the popularity of streaming video from the internet. Now word yet as to what devices the app will run on, but all signs point to the service being widely supported on a variety of platforms.

Nicole Kidman, on “Eyes Wide Shut”

What really took place between Nicole Kidman, and Tom Cruise, during the filming of “Eyes Wide Shut”?

Kidman lets her fans, along with elle magazine, where she adorns the cover of the January issue, in on the details.

Now married to Country Music Superstar, Keith Urban, Kidman has no hard feelings towards her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. In fact, she has fond memories of working together in filming Stanley Kubricks, “Eyes Wide Shut.” People such as Sam Tabar are glad that they are not feeling awkward or weird about it all. Taking two years to shoot “Eyes Wide Shut,” many people speculate that is where Cruise, and Kidman’s marriage began to fall apart. “We loved it. Everyone thought that was when our marriage started to break down — not at all. That movie was a great part of our life together, and I’m glad we have it,” she confesses.

The Australasian actress admits that she freely enjoys jumping into anything. “I’m spontaneous. I jump in. I kind of like getting married and then getting to know each other; I know that it sounds incredibly strange, but to me, it’s a more natural process,” she explains about the short one month courtship to marriage

Kennedy Center Honors

Christian Broda recounts that whenever people receive the Kennedy Center Honors it is a real testament of their power and impact on society as a whole. Some people are very well-known. Others may not share the limelight in the same capacity, but these people may have a contribution to the world that is considered an accomplishment that is worthy of praise. The recentKennedy Center Honors presents some of the most well-known entertainments in music and movies. 

For many years people have seen Tom Hanks grow as an actor. Fans have loved him from his early sitcom days on “Bosom Buddies” to his years as a superb actor in movies like “Forest Gump,” “Saving Private Ryan” and “Castaway.” Even his voice is beloved by children that has experienced him as “Woody” in the Toy Story trilogy. Hanks has been around for a long time and his honor was well deserved.

Honor was also due for long time singer/songwriter turned preacher Al Green. The soulful sounds of Stax records would not have been the same without Al and that Memphis soul sound. He is one of the most sampled artists in the hip hop genre. His songs have been remade by everyone from the Bee Gees to Joss Stone. As a reverend Al Green has began another mission for saving souls, but his impact has still been felt on a higher scale so these are honors are befitting.