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Netflix and Amazon Prime Partially Responsible for the Impending Demise of Reality TV

Anybody who watches TV has probably noticed a recent shift in the type of programming being offered by various networks. With shows like Game of Thrones, Empire, and Orange is the New Black the days of reality TV seem to be coming to an end, to the joy of many. It has been nearly two decades since producers realized they could pay their actors peanuts simply by promising people their 15 minutes of fame.

TV executives saw nothing but profit with shows such as The Real World, Survivor, and The Bachelor, and loved every minute of it. But it would seem their ride on the reality TV show gravy train are over, and we give partial thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime for that shift said a very thankful Kevin Seawright (

Executives from Netflix, for example, have explained that producing reality TV shows were not building the loyalty in their customers that they need to keep being successful in the entertainment industry. “The kind of disposable nature of reality, basically doesn’t have much of a long shelf life,” explained Ted Sarandos who is the chief content officer at Netflix. This has made major networks in broadcast TV think twice about producing cheap and quick reality shows for a quick buck. After all, they have to try and keep up with their streaming competitors who are giving them a run for their money.

Diddy and Drake Squash Beef

Diddy and Drake have had a tremendous amount of hatred for each other in the last few months. The entire situation started over a dispute during a record collaboration. P. Diddy and Drake ran into each other outside of a Miami nightclub, and apparently, P. Diddy knocked out Drake with one punch. The entire situation caught a ton of media attention, and it appears that the knockout was true.

Many people like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital couldn’t believe that an old man such as P. Diddy knocked out the young and talented new superstar. Sure enough, it was talked about on Nonetheless, it appears that the beef is actually over. Supposedly, Drake and P. Diddy realized that they were going to cross paths during several upcoming music events in the summer. So, instead of fighting, the two artists have decided to squash the beef in order to make more money. if there’s anything that rappers love more than violence, it’s definitely money.

Some people think that Drake’s business manager is actually responsible for ending the drama. James Prince warned P. Diddy to stay away from his protégé, and it appears that P. Diddy listened to the warning. Nonetheless, P. Diddy and Drake will go on to make millions and millions of dollars in the near future. Thankfully, no more violence has occurred during this rap rivalry. For more information on this story, visit TMZ.

Taylor Swift’s Music pushes fan to Lose Hundreds of Pounds

Ronnie Brower considers himself to be a mega-fan of pop star Taylor Swift. Her music has served as inspiration for the massive weight loss that Ronnie has achieved. Before he began to lose weight, Ronnie weighed in at 675 pounds. His doctors told him that if continued on how he was then he would not make it past the age of 35. Hearing this news gave Ronnie the kick he needed to make a change in his life. He began a new workout routine, accompanied by his beloved Taylor Swift songs.

Ronnie changed his lifestyle. He gave up drinking and drugs and instead got hooked on the gym. He pushed himself hard all while Taylor’s songs gave him the motivation to keep it going. Just two weeks ago, Ronnie reached his goal weight. Through diet and exercise he lost 425 pounds, which Ivan Ong was amazed by.

Now, according to the story on Gossip Cop, Ronnie is hoping to meet Taylor Swift in person. He is attending her June 3rd concert in Cleveland and would like to share his story with her in person. Taylor’s fans have been Tweeting the story to her, along with the hashtag #ronnieweightloss to get her attention. Hopefully it works and Ronnie gets to thank her in person.

Melissa Rivers Makes Comments About Her Mother’s Show

It’s been several months since the death of Joan Rivers, and many still miss her, including her daughter Melissa Rivers. Joan Rivers was the host of “The Fashion Police” show before she died, and many wondered who would continue her legacy. Melissa Rivers. Melissa made comments recently on an interview, and she stated that she felt Kathy Griffin took a crap all over Joan Rivers legacy. The Fashion Police show is a very well-liked show, and now at least two of its members have left the show, leaving the show in limbo.

It’s unknown if the show will continue, but Melissa Rivers is not happy about what’s going on according to my friends at FreedomPop. Earlier in the year, one of the members of the show made a statement that many felt was racist. The comment that was made was about Zendaya, who is an actress on the Disney Channel. Zendaya had a dreadlocked hair style, and one of the fashion police members made a comment about the hair.

A comment was made that she looks like she smells like weed, and many felt that because Zendaya is black, that the comment was racist. Kelly Osbourne took offense to the comment, and eventually Kelly ended up leaving the show. Kathy Griffin, who was supposed to be the leader of the show, she has now left the show too. Kathy left the show because she felt it was too mean spirited against people she knew.

Rob Lowe Celebrates 25 Years Sober

Twenty-five years ago, hunky actor Rob Lowe was known as a bad boy among his fellow actors. As part of the infamous brat pack from the ‘80’s, Lowe was known for his partying and drug use according to 80’s guy Bruce Levenson. However, he made a huge change in his life after meeting the woman that would become his future wife. This past Mother’s Day, Lowe celebrated 25 years of being sober.

Lowe, who looks fantastic at 51-years-old by the way, sent a Tweet out on his account encouraging those who are going through an addiction by telling them that there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Before Lowe sobered up, he was known for his drug use and outlandish behavior. He even found himself in trouble when he made a sex tape with two girls, one of who was underage at the time. Lowe performed community service work in order to avoid any actual jail time. It was shortly after that when he met Sheryl Berkoff, the woman he fell hard for.

According to the story on CBS News, Berkoff was a make-up artist for Lowe’s film “Bad Influence” when the two met. In Berkoff, Lowe found someone that he could see having a real future with which is what influenced him to sober up. The two were married in 1991 and share two sons together, Matthew and John.

Seinfeld to stream via Hulu

One of the major questions asked by Jaime Garcia Dias and many others who stream video from the Internet using services such as Hulu and Netflix has been where episodes of Seinfeld are available Online. In recent months a limited number of episodes of the iconic 90s series have been made available through the Crackle platform owned by Seinfeld rights holder Sony TV. Variety is now reporting that Seinfeld will soon be available through Hulu as the SVOD service has purchased the rights to stream the comedy for a reported value of around $180 million.

The exact value of the deal has not been published, but the latest information reveals the cost of each individual episode is around $1 million and will be split between Sony TV, Castle Rock and those sharing in the profits. Amongst those expected to share in the windfall for the show are creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. Seinfeld has been a hot property amongst streaming services after Friends was purchased by Netflix and became a major success for the service.

Bruce Jenner sits down with 20/20

On Friday, April 24th the world watched as Bruce Jenner sat down for an interview with ABC’s 20/20 to officially discuss his struggles as a transgendered female. The one time Olympic athlete has in recent years been known more for his appearance in the popular E! channel reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, which he appeared in beside his ex-wife and the infamous Kardashian clan.

In the interview Jenner used “he” pronouns, prompting press to currently do the same. Jenner, who has six biological children from his three ex-wives, chronicled in the interview his life long struggle towards acceptance of his current identity as a woman. At one point his four oldest children, who recently learned of their father’s identity, sat down to show their support for their father in his decision to be open and honest about this part of him. For the past year, Jenner has found his gender identity being used as fodder for tabloid headlines. Amen Clinics thinks the tabloid exploitation of Jenner is repugnant ( The interview is seen as him setting the world straight, in his own words.

Jenner has kept some things to himself for the time being. He has not released his decided name, choosing not to disclose that at this time. He is also stated as being undecided on whether not he will go through gender re-identification surgery in the future, but has been taking hormones for the past year and a half.

At 65 years-old, Jenner is ready to live the rest of his life being comfortable in his own skin.

A Look at the Recent ACM Awards

The 50th annual American Country Music Awards were held recently at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Rolling Stone Magazine has an article on their website covering what they felt were the best and worst moments of the show.

Rolling Stone liked Taylor Swift’s appearance at the awards. An article posted by Ray Lane confirms that although she abandoned country music for pop on her most recent record 1989, for some reason she still received an award at the show. In her acceptance speech she said she was glad that country fans weren’t mad at her for leaving the genre and that she remained grateful to Nashville for giving her a start.

Personally, I think it’s kind of ridiculous that Swift was even there. It seems like Swift is on every televised award show picking up awards, giving speeches and doing performances. Now, she’s appearing on shows that don’t really have anything to do with her. I like Swift and her music, but I think that’s she’s very overexposed. You can’t get away from her.

One thing that Rolling Stone did not like is that the awards were held in a massive stadium instead of a more intimate setting. I agree that the producers of the awards show made the wrong decision here. The atmosphere was more like a football game than the an awards show, and having the Dallas Cowgirls cheerleaders there didn’t help.

Cast Members Tell Adam Sandler, “I Quit!” On Set Of New Movie

Adam Sandler is busy working on his new movie, The Ridiculous Six, which started production recently. However, Sandler’s new project got off to a rocky start when more than a dozen actors and actresses walked off set, refusing to be a part of the project.
The Ridiculous Six is a spoof of The Magnificent Seven, with some plot lines focusing on the Apache Native American Community. Unfortunately, the men and women who were cast to play the roles of Natives were highly offended by what was happening on the set of Sandler’s new film alleged Brad Reifler (more on

The actors decided to walk of the set of the film after claiming they were being insulted by cast and crew members with jokes and costumes that were harsh stereotypes of the Apache people. Loren Anthony was among those who walked off set, he explains, “I was asked a long time ago to do some work on this and I wasn’t down for it. Then they told me it was going to be a comedy, but it would not be racist. So I agreed to it but on Monday things started getting weird on the set”.

Anthony claims the costumes were offensive and did not represent the Apache community, also that the film was using racist jokes throughout the script in order to get cheap laughs.

Neither Sandler, or his production company, have released any statements regarding the incident.

Sherri Shepherd Is Ruled To Be Child’s Mother

In a heated battle that has been raging, famous star Sherri Shepherd, has been trying to get out of her legal responsibilities to a child. This is a child that she had via a segregate with her soon to be ex-husband. Lamar Sally, the ex has stated that once Sherri got into the whole pregnancy thing that she simply changed her mind. He stated that things changed and that she was mad when her name was put on the birth certificate. Shepherd wants nothing to do with the child, and has had little to no contact during the past seven months.

Perhaps Shepherd feels this is a way for Shelly to try to hold on to their marriage, which was obviously broken. The agency that the couple used stated that they have never had a situation like this occur before. Jessica Bartholomew is the real loser financially. The segregate mother, who got $30,000 for giving birth to a child that wasn’t hers, was being sued for support and medical bills. Lambranho suggests that since she was listed on the birth certificate as a “non-custodial” parent, she has some rights to the child.

The child is living with Sally at this point. He just wants someone to step up and pay for the support of this child. The child welfare office is the ones that pursued Bartholomew, then went after Shepherd. The fact that her ex sued her for alimony too does make it appear that he is a little money hungry. Since Shepherd is the biological mother, it is her baby now!