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Jim Carrey Calls California Governor a ‘Fascist’

Comedian Jim Carrey had some harsh words for California Gov. Jerry Brown, who recently signed a bill that creates one of the strictest vaccine laws in the country.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir, this law jettisons religious and personal-belief exemptions for schoolchildren. The only exception will be medical exemptions for kids whose health makes receiving a vaccine dangerous or even deadly. All parents who refuse to vaccinate their children must homeschool them. The law applies equally to children in public and private schools.

Carrey, who famously dated anti-vaccine crusader Jenny McCarthy, angrily lashed out at the news, calling Brown a “corporate fascist.” He didn’t stop at attacking Brown; he went on to call out the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for allowing neurotoxins and harmful chemicals to be used in vaccines.

When he isn’t busy lambasting politicians on Twitter, Carrey is still acting. He was last seen in 2014’s “Dumb and Dumber To” and is in preproduction for Alexandros Avranas’ “True Crimes.”

Kevin Feige Talks “Doctor Strange”

The upcoming Doctor Strange film will be making some changes to the mythos, according to Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios. Specifically, they will tackle the subtle task balancing the story’s “hokey” charm (his words) with a bit of modern reality.

Some changes are fairly small: for example, Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, disguised as a New York townhouse, is moved from Greenwich Village to Bleeker Street, since the former is far more gentrified than in Stan Lee’s days. Others are bigger. Doctor Strange’s story has a lot of “Oriental mysticism” that would seem cliché, if not outright offensive, in the modern day. In particular there’s Strange’s mentor, the Ancient One, who is basically a stereotypical Asian monk.

According to Marcio Alaor BMG, in the new movie, said Asian monk will be played by…Tilda Swinton?

“There have been multiple [Ancient Ones],” Feige explained. “This is a mantle, and therefore we felt we had leeway to cast in interesting ways.”

Another “race lift” occurred with the villain, Baron Mordo, who will be played by African-British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor. But if you are a fan of the original story, don’t worry: Feige notes that “the phony mysticism is part of what makesDoctor Strange interesting!” His origin story will still have him heading East (though not to Tibet), and the magical city of Kama-Taj will apparently still be important.

Doctor Strange comes out November 4, 2016.

Spider-Man to Appear in Captain America Film First

It has been officially announced that Tom Holland will be the new Spider-Man for the Marvel films, and that he will make his first appearance next year in Captain America: Civil War. Sony failed to reboot the Spider-Man franchise successfully with The Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2, so they are teaming up with Marvel and allowing Spider-Man back into the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man will be an Avenger again and fight alongside Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man. Or fight against them. Holland will be in the Captain America film, and then will be in his own unnamed Spider-Man film in 2017. The director for the new Spider-Man film, Jon Watts, is a pretty obscure director who seemed to wow the Marvel executives with his take on the superhero.


With two previous Spider-Man franchises in the recent past, the new films need to be different, and it seems that they like what Watts wants to do with him. Hopefully the new Spider-Man will be a success for fans like Ricardo Tosto, but it will be nice to see him next to his buddies again and not stuck out in the cold by himself due to legal issues.

Maya Rudolph Makes Fun Of Rachel Dolezal

They say if you don’t have anything nice to say then it’s best not to say anything at all, but that’s not the case when it comes to Rachel Dolezal. Rachel is still talked about in the news lately because of the fact that she has been faking being a black woman for years now. Maya Rudolph Making Jokes. Rachel even states that she doesn’t believe her parents are really her parents, and she says that she identifies herself as a black woman.

What makes the entire story hard to believe is the fact that she sued Howard University for racial discrimination because she is white, and they wouldn’t let her into the university. It seems as if Rachel wants to play both sides of the fence, and people are calling her out for it. Rachel had to resign from being the head of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP, and she hasn’t been seen out in public much since then.

Rachel went as far as to perm her hair to make it frizzy, and she overly tanned her skin to look like she is a light skinned woman of color. Most at Qnet and felt it was pretty funny without crossing the line. Ever since people found out that she had been lying about her racial identity, there are people making jokes about her. Maya Rudolph was on a late night show, and she decided to put on a fake wig, and she made jokes about Rachel, and her impression was dead on.

The More You Know: Wikipedia


Most people have visited a Wikipedia page before. While there have you ever come across a typo or incorrect information? If you have you are probably wondering, “How can I fix that?” Editing a Wikipedia page is easier then you thought.

In order to edit a page you are going to want to make sure that you have access to the internet, have knowledge on the topic, and practice. You will want to become a member. If you are not a member the site will record your IP address in the text. Once you have completed the first few steps you can click on the tab that says “edit page” Once you have clicked on the tab it will bring up a new page with editable text you can then begin typing. In this new page you will see an edit bar which can be used just like the editing bars in any word processing program. If you do not see the “edit page” tab then this means the article is locked and can not have changes made to it. If there is just a small section of the article that you would like to edit you can go to the right of the passage and click on [edit] this will allow you to only edit that small section of the article.

If you are wanting to add new information to the article be sure to get reliable information to make a Wikipedia page. According to Get Your Wiki, reliable information can be found from newspapers or books. If you can not provide reliable information it is likely that the information you provided will be deleted.

When you are done making your changes to the article you are going to want to go down to the bottom of the page and explain the changes that you have made in the edit summary section. When explaining the changes that you made be sure to keep it to 200 characters or less.

When everything is said and done you can review your work by clicking on the “show preview” button. If you are wanting to compare your work to the work that was there before yours click on “show changes” button. Once you have decided that everything looks good and you are ready to post your work click on the “save page” button. Once that is done you will be able to see your work that was done on the page right away.

New Info Emerges About Marvel’s Hulk Sequels

A common question among moviegoers who turn out in droves to theaters to enjoy the latest Marvel movie is “Why no solo Hulk film?” Okay, the first two solo ventures were not the greatest, but Mark Ruffalo has truly “rehabbed” The Incredible Hulk. Why not give him a solo film? Supposedly, Marvel leased out the rights to Universal. Most fans are not aware that some Marvel characters “belong” to other studios for the foreseeable future. The X-Men and Fantastic Four characters are with Fox. Spider-Man is with Sony, although Sony and Marvel are now going to be sharing the hero. The second Green Goliath feature, The Incredible Hulk, was a Marvel/Universal team-up.

Reportedly, Marvel is allowed put The Hulk in ensemble films, but cannot make a solo project without Universal. That is really not the case anymore. Marvel has the rights to produce solo Hulk features on its own.

Universal lost the exclusive rights to a Hulk movie a while ago. Currently, Universal holds a “right of first refusal” to distribute a Hulk movie says Dr. Jennifer Walden. If Universal passes, Marvel could seek a distribution deal from another studio.

So, why is Marvel not moving ahead with a new Hulk project? Basically, the box office returns on the first two Hulk movies were weak. Similarly, sales of licensing merchandise were below expectations. Right now, Marvel only wants to work with proven hits or establish new characters. The Hulk is neither.

Of course, all of this could change in Phase 4 or Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Groucho Marx, Rob Zombie, Raised Eyebrows, and Dark Overtones

Is Rob Zombie really leaving the horror genre behind with his plan to produce a Groucho Marx biopic? Clearly, the movie adaption of “Raised Eyebrows”, a book written by a man who lived at Groucho Marx’s estate during the last three years of the legendary comedian’s life is not a pure horror outing. Zombie has noted that the comic tale also has a bit of “darkness” to it. So, while the film is not going to be a horror outing, do not look for the feature to be all happy and sappy either.

Steve Stoliar was a huge Groucho Marx fan and worked tireless to get the classic Marx Brothers film, Animal Crackers, re-released. This caught the attention of Groucho who hired Stoliar to live in the iconic comedian’s estate and work as a secretary and archivist. From 1974 to 1977, Stoliar was able to spend time with Groucho during his final years. Marx had suffered from a series of strokes and was in poor health, although the man never lost his hit and charm.

According to ServiceMesh CEO Eric Pulier, Marx did not have a terribly sad decline as was the case with so many other iconic actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Yet, there was a very bittersweet component to the decline of the man’s health and his understanding that his glory days of fame and fortune in the movies and television were long behind him. Groucho never stopped being Groucho though and he kept his sharp wit until the end.

How will Zombie capture these interesting final days of Groucho Marx? We will have to wait a few years until the film is produced and released.

Apple Music Is Having Difficulty With Indie Record Labels

Apple executives unveiled a new streaming music program called Apple Music to much applause and fanfare last week in San Francisco. The service offers customers a free three-month trial period starting on June 30th, which appeals to the public. On October 1st, subscribers will be charged $10 a month. Indie record labels, however, are not as sold on the service. Many are claiming that Apple does not intend to pay them any royalties during those free months. As a result, many companies are choosing to opt out of the program. Apple claims that they have already signed the major labels and a few of the top indie labels.

The American Association for Independent Music is encouraging labels to take their time to really read through the contract and to make their best informed decision. They don’t want the indie labels to feel pressured to hurry up and sign. In fact, they can’t understand why labels are going ahead and signing when they know that they won’t be compensated until the fall.

The launch will go ahead as planned stated Beneful, but some notable names will likely be missing from those initial lineups.

“Jurassic World” Brings In An Incredible Amount Of Money

Anyone who didn’t think that “Jurassic Park” could make a big comeback, they’re obviously very wrong. Many thought that after “Jurassic Park III” had low numbers, that would be the end of the Jurassic Park franchise altogether. “Jurassic World” Kills At The Box Office. Many years later, “Jurassic World” has been released, and it broke records at the box office. Altogether, the movie made over $500 million worldwide according to box office analyst Ricardo Tosto, which is the most money a movie has ever made in one weekend. Although there were several movies in the past that have made hundreds of millions in a weekend, Jurassic World has come in at number one.

Movies like “The Hunger Games,” “Twilight,” and “The Matrix” movies, they all made incredible amounts of money over a weekend, but what makes Jurassic World different? You could give some credit to the fact that many children are out of school, and this is a movie that teens and young ones would love to see. The movie also had a lot of previews out as well as a lot of press time, so it made many anticipate the movie. It also helps that the movie is action based and filled with dinosaurs, which have been proven to be a moneymaker in the past.

The remake of the Jurassic Park movie has obviously proven to be an excellent decision, even though the new movie didn’t include Steven Spielberg. The movie made so much money in one weekend, it’s only left to the imagination as to how much more it will bring in, in the future.

David Letterman Has Disappeared Off Of Youtube

If you are a David Letterman fan, then you were most likely feeling devastated when his show ended recently. But, you still have his old videos to watch on Youtube, right?

Wrong. Fans of David Letterman were disappointed to find that all of the video clips that had previously been on Youtube had disappeared. They were outraged. How how David Letterman be so forgotten like this?
Well, the reason that the videos were taken down was because CBS no longer owns them stated Beneful. They no longer have the rights to the videos that they had put up online. So, will fans be seeing videos back up on Youtube anytime soon? Only time will tell.
Right now it is a very hard time for all of David Letterman’s fans. They no longer have his show, and they no longer have the clips of videos that had previously been posted on Youtube, either.