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Attorney Dan Newlin: Committed To Getting Justice For The Injured

Dan Newlin is considered by many to be one of Florida’s super lawyers. The founder of Dan Newlin & Partners, he has won over $100 million in judgments for his clients. Plus he has handled over 10,000 cases. But Dan Newlin does not consider himself a super lawyer. He simply sees himself as a public servant doing his best to protect the health and the rights of his clients. It is something he has been doing ever since he was 18 years old and he got his first job as an emergency medical technician. To Dan Newlin his commitment remains to mitigate the pain and suffering of others.

Dan Newlin began his career serving the public when he got a job as an EMT in New Chicago, Indiana at the age of 18. Later he became a police officer and then a deputy sheriff in Orange County, Florida where he worked with the tourist policing division, the fugitive division, and the patrol division. His exemplary work record led to him receiving many honors and awards. While employed with the sheriff’s department, he attended night school and graduated with a 4 year degree in business management. He then went on to earn his law degree from Florida State University College of Law while continuing to work as a deputy sheriff.

Armed with his law degree, he continued to fight for justice for victims of unjust treatment. He has gained a great deal of experience working in areas such as criminal law, civil litigation, legal research, legal writing, mediation, family law, and litigation support. Since founding Dan Newlin & Partners in 2001, Newlin has earned a great deal of experience in the courts as a trial lawyer. In his role championing the rights of accident victims, he has successfully represented thousands of clients and won them judgments that total more than $100 million dollars.

But to Dan Newlin (Twitter)
, winning cases for his clients is about more than money. It’s about the great feeling he gets knowing he played a role in getting justice for his clients all over Florida. He considers it an honor to be able to work to ensure accident victims will have the resources they need to take care of their families and themselves as they recover from their accident. Newlin takes each case personal and invests his time, energy, knowledge of the law, and experience to make sure each case has an outcome of which he can be proud and with which his clients are satisfied.

Dan Newlin also remains committed to the community in which he works and lives. He demonstrates this by lending his time, talent, and resources to support numerous charitable and volunteer organizations.

Jaime Garcia Dias — A Great Brazilian Writer To Keep An Eye On

There are many great Brazilian authors. Paulo Coelho is definitely one of the best known Brazilian authors in America, but there are many other worthwhile Brazilian authors to check out too. From entertaining fiction to writings with great health tips to books on practical advice for everyday life, there are many great writings by Brazilian authors.

Facebook users say that along with Paulo Coelho, the authors Jorge Amado, Hilda Hist, and Luben Fonseca are very noteworthy Brazillian fiction writers. Jorge Amado’s books are very well loved in Brazil and his contemporary Brazilian novels are both critically acclaimed and widely popular. Examples of his novels are Captains of the Sands and Dona Flor and her Two Husbands, which was adapted for film. Hilda Hist is one of the most experimental writers that has come out of Brazil and wrote in a variety of genres from poetry to novels to theatre, and she also incorporated a variety of writing techniques during her long career. Ruban Fonseca is another great contemporary Brazilian writer who lives in Rio de Janeiro and has written stories that show Brazil in a modern urban landscape, with his book Crimes of August recently being translated into English.

In addition to great fiction writers, there are also very worthwhile authors in other genres from Brazil to check out. One Brazilian writer who writes about healthy lifestyles is Carlos EA Coimbra who has written for Nutritian Journal about child nutrition of the Xavante Indian children. Another Brazilian writer who writes on important health issues is Jaime Garcia Dias. On his website, he writes on sedentary lifestyle and how this can adversely affect one’s health. He insightfully explores psychological factors, as well as lifestyle factors in this modern world, that lead to a sedentary lifestyle that combined with an unbalanced diet lead to even more health complications. He goes on to explore that physical activity is the key to keeping up good health as one gets older and also helps keep up mental faculties like memory, concentration, and reasoning.

Jaime Garcia Dias writes on a variety of topics like economics, world affairs, and travelling today as well as on health topics. He writes about issues that are important to Brazilians, but that also have a greater importance to the world in which we all live. He also writes on practical topics like Real Estate and renting or selling your home in today’s economic climate. He is definitely a contemporary Brazilian writer to read and watch his career progress.

Facts About Andy Wirth’s Crowdrise Navy Seals Foundation Fundraising


SEALS spend a lot of time from home in the worst environments all in the name of saving lives. These individuals spend every minute of their lives at work so that our borders are safe at all times. Their commitment is made possible because their friends and families have sacrificed to allow them go on a mission. Since the year 2000, the Navy SEAL Foundation has been trying to support family members of soldiers on missions in times of triumph and adversity.

The Foundation seeks to provide a comprehensive set of programs that are designed to deliver improved welfare and health, enhance and build resilience. Besides, it will empower the families by providing critical support in times of injury and loss.

Andy Wirth is a good example of what patriotic philanthropy is all about. Currently, he is running a fundraiser for the Navy Seal Foundation. The campaign is motivated by an experience he had with SEALS some time back. During his routine skydiving session, he had a life-changing accident that almost took away his life. He sustained injuries to his right arm and lost a lot of blood. Andy is grateful for the help and support of his friends, family and therapists.

During his recovery process, Andy came across a group of Navy SEALS training in Squaw Valley, and some became good friends and encouraged him to be much stronger. Their selflessness, determination and hard work combined with the challenges that these incredible men endure while serving the nation particularly moved him.

This campaign is all about bringing patriotic citizens together to raise funds for a worthy cause. The funds will mark a phenomenal end of a bad road for the SEALS and their families. They will be able to build resiliency and access better welfare and health. These efforts will help them feel much appreciated hence motivate them to work even harder.

Everyone can be part of this noble mission. To build a better America, please visit the page and donate. Let us all support the SEALS as they sacrifice and work tirelessly to secure our borders even more. America is a big tune that we should all sing daily. United we can.

Can Online Dating Lead to Love?

More than one-third of the population uses online forums to meet and marry the love of their life. Statistics shows that these marriages are less likely to fall apart and have a higher satisfaction rating than couples who met through traditional methods. The National Academy of Sciences posted a study that claimed that couples who get together online only broke up 5.9 percent of the time, as opposed to 7.6 percent for those who met in other ways. Of the 19,000 couple examined that met online, only 7 percent divorced. This is pretty substantial when the divorce rate is at 50 percent for those who met offline.

True, the phenomenon of meeting and marrying online is still relatively new, but more than half of people divorce within the first eight years. This test was conducted during the 7th year of marriage. So odds are looking good that these couples are in it for the long haul. Part of the process of online dating includes profiles and points of compatibility. Things like emotional health, interests, religion and other topics are explored. These are many of the points that bring contention in any union. By getting these things laid out before meeting, it may solve many problems in the future.

Dating-site surveys use algorithms to match couples. This could be a big reason why people are finding a more suitable partner. What was once regarded as a bad or dangerous place has become a hotbed of activity for those who are lonely and unlucky in love. Couples have the ability to chat in forums and get to know each other before taking it to the next level. When meeting through other methods, there are often people to lean on for support. For instance, if your brother or sister sets you up with a friend, then you have your family to learn on for support. Statistics suggests that perhaps excluding all others from the relationship can prove to be beneficial for all.

Skout is an online dating community that has more than one million users. It is the largest dating community online. This site allows people to meet, chat and even play games with each other through their online forum. People can hide behind the computer, which is great for the introvert or those who are socially awkward. It has been in business since 2007, and they have seen their share of successful marriages from the site.

Founders of Skout, Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, wanted to create a platform that allowed people to find others in their close vicinity. So far, this is one of the many sites out there that is showing finding the love of your life can be done online easily.

Adam Sender Gravitates and Leads in Contemporary Art Collecting

The last approximate 20 years Adam Sender has been leading and gravitating toward those prospective artist who have great the potential for fame and superiority within the art world. He tends to be a leader in the contemporary art. This is the area and successor to modern art. He is a leader in this area because he knows that smart art choices are essential for success. He has gained much experience over the years and has the ability to continue to add to his creation of spectacular collections. Mr. Sender has created a large amount of art from some of the top contemporary artists. This is a man who has an intriguing view of the world. This view is apparent because it shines through in his extraordinary art collections. He does indeed have a keen eye for art. He is only 45 years old and is one of the most esteemed leaders in the contemporary art collection world. This is an individual who had pursued art at a younger age. He started in the middle 1990s. He has not chased those artist with long art careers, he has merely pursued those with the greatest of works. He is known to have a vast amount of art that is by some of the most extraordinary women artists. He is a firm believer in the inclusion of women artists. He will not be a part of discounting a women’s art creation in any way.

Precious Art Stored in Temples
Collecting art has a long and interesting history. The collections of art have been stored in unique places. Treasures of art were known to be stored in temples, sanctuaries, and even tombs. Earlier civilizations were grand collectors of beautiful art. Art was also stored in the palaces of kings and queens. The early era had used art as a form of expressing glory toward a king or other for other significant reasons. The desire for art collections began in the first century BC. The art itself portrayed a respect for religious and civic purposes as well. The collecting of art will never become outdated. The world of art collectors are led by intriguing and interesting individuals including Mr. Adam Sender. He’s also discussed by ArtNews.

Susan McGalla: Developing a Talented Workforce

Talent management departments are central to the success of companies, large and small alike. It is only through the acquisition of the best talent that companies are able to grow and to develop, moving themselves to the next level and staying ahead of the competition. Talent management is responsible for locating, recruiting, and determining which individuals will best fill company roles and motivate company success. But what happens before the talent management department is developed? Who is responsible for cultivating a group of talented talent-seeking individuals? Well, it is significant development situations such as these that the professionals are typically sought and in the world of business no one is more sought after than Susan McGalla.
Susan McGalla is currently working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as the director of strategic planning and growth for the famous and award-winning football team, the Pittsburgh, Steelers. McGalla has held numerous executive roles in the business world and sits on the board of several organizations. Over the years she has worked as the president of the hugely successful American Eagle Outfitters Inc., the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. Needless to say, McGalla has had and continues to have an enormously successful career. She established her very own consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, which promotes the overall development of organizations.
Creating a company that is dedicated to the growth of other companies certainly involves an understanding of what makes an excellent talent management team. Over the years McGalla has worked with enough organizations to be able to recognize who will best assist in company growth and development. This is why expanding companies call on her to facilitate the growth of their talent management departments and teams. McGalla has the knack to coach companies on how to recognize and build who they are as a company. It is her specialty to set her clients apart from every other organization. This is not only done through talent management, but through brand development, appropriate advertising, effective promotions, and overall establishment. McGalla understands certain talent is required for certain industries and has the ability to recognize who is the best fit for growth.
Susan McGalla built her solid reputation and knowledge by working hard and dedicating herself to the world of business. McGalla was raised in East Liverpool, Ohio; she received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business from Mount Union College. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons.

The Growth of FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a new mobile carrier that has been attracting millions of users in the last few years. This company, though being based in the United States, has managed to become global in the last year. FreedomPop, being a unique mobile carrier company was said to be acquired by Sprint over a year ago. The CEO Stephen Stokols, however, changed his mind and decided to venture alone with the help of many foreign investors.

CEO Stephen Stokols is proud to be the founder of FreedomPop, a company that offers customers unique services. Stokols rejected Sprint’s offer for acquiring the company with the belief that, within a few years, his company will be worth billions of dollars instead of the millions he would have made from Sprint. What this new mobile carrier offers are many free services that are desired by all phone users. Free texting, free data, and free voice calls are all offered by FreedomPop to customers. The only thing that a user of this plan has to pay for is the use of more than the monthly free data given to each customer. What is even better about this service is the fact that any unused data is rolled over to the next month.

The company, only being 3-years old, is an LA based company. With its solo venture, the company has received 30 million dollars in investment from foreign investors who share Stokols dream of building his company. Some of Stokols original investors include the founder of Skype, Niklas Zennstom. The new goal of both the company as well as the investors is to have 1 million subscribers to FreedomPop by the end of the third quarter.

What makes FreedomPop such an enticing company to join is not only by the fact that it offers a free plan but also because it is a carrier that does not rely on any mobile infrastructure. The amount of free amenities offered by FreedomPop includes 500 MB, 200 voice minutes, as well as 500 free text messages. All of the amenities can be rolled over to the next month. The basic package is free, however, any additional services to cost. Though the extra amenities cost, they are offered at fair rates. Thanks to Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop is a new and unique mobile carrier that is offered for little to no cost. Within 3 years, this company has grown to become a global phenomena.

Crystal Hunt Continues To Shows Her Range Moving From TV To The Big Screen

Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida. She was born in 1985 and knew she wanted to be an actress after being discovered by an agent. Crystal Hunt was on her way to a career that includes TV and the big screen.

Crystal Hunts first big break was on the hit daytime show Guiding Light. Her presence in Guiding Light, as the character Elizabeth Spaulding, helped earn her first Daytime Emmy Award nomination as well as the Soap Opera Digest Award. The Daytime Emmy was in the category for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. While her Soap Opera Digest nomination was for Favorite Villainess.

Her acting ability was showcased once again when she joined the day time show One Life To Live. Being able to showcase her talent once again on the small screen over the course of three years has helped catapult her into roles in some of the latest films.

While Crystal Hunt has previously worked on two films including, The Derby Stallion and Sydney White, her latest movie is probably her biggest yet. This latest, film Magic Mike XXL, is the sequel to the surprise hit Magic Mike and will feature Crystal Hunts’ talents in a new way. Giving her the chance to really showcase her range. This also gives her the chance to show her range before moving to her next project.

While Crystal Hunt continues to gain new roles she has also decided to step into the producer role. Her first film as producer is the film Talbot County. Talbot County will again push her career into another new genre for her. While Talbot County has yet to be released the film has potential as a new horror film.

She has also owned her own pet boutique aptly named My Pets Dream Boutique in 2014. Her boutique was designed with class in mind offering a high-end boutique for those that wish to pamper their pets.

With a growing career and her first foray into producing Crystal Hunt is really only just beginning and it will be interesting where she goes from here.

Walking With Time Honored Quality

Men’s fashions are capturing the front pages of magazines as well as the limelight on the fashion runways worldwide. Red carpet fashion critics include “best and worst” rankings for male musicians and film stars. Rock stars are developing their own fashion lines with great success. This tells us that the trend-conscious as well as the upwardly mobile men should pay heed to their appearance more than ever.

As with women’s fashion, shoes are THE staple garment that anchors one’s wardrobe. Most people can instantly discern a man’s status in business by assessing his footwear. Footwear is an investment piece, unlike a fad shirt that is here today and gone tomorrow on the style landscape. People in our society have simply run out of extra time for door to door shopping just as the use of the internet for commerce has exploded. When shopping for shoes online it is strongly advised to find a purveyor with whom trust can be established. When a “go to” product is found, future satisfaction with online purchases becomes a certainty.

Since we cannot present a successful style sense while walking around in cheap discount shoes, sometimes we swing the pendulum too far in the other direction, spending an exorbitant amount of money on what may be good quality shoes, but are left wondering if perhaps there’s a middle road. With Paul Evans shoes, that balance is achieved.

This company was the brainchild of two men from New York who began importing from Naples, Italy following an exhaustive search for the very best artisans. Made by a company who has been producing fine calfskin footwear for generations, these shoes are truly wearable art. Sleek, versatile, and impeccably stylish, Paul Evans Italian leather shoes are a wise investment that is surprisingly affordable. Painstakingly made, they are fashionable and long-wearing. The cut of the shoes makes them comfortable and the finishes are tastefully burnished for a classy appearance. From their oxblood cap-toe to the lace-less boot, a pair of Paul Evans shoes will elevate any ensemble and become that “go to” provider for fine footwear.

AT&T Acquires DirecTV for nearly $49 billion

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it has approved the purchase of DirecTV by communications giant AT&T for $48.5 billion. The merger certainly changes the scenery in the media landscape will establish the nation’s largest television distributor with more than 25 million subscribers, overtaking the current leader Comcast.

The approval by the FCC comes with stipulations, as a means towards avoiding possible negative impact on consumers, that comes as a result of the merger of the nation’s biggest telephone and internet service provider and DirecTV, the nation’s largest provider of satellite programming. FCC Chairman, Thomas Wheeler and business guru Shaygan Kheradpir indicated earlier in the week that the stipulations were intended to foster additional competition into the broadband market. Some of the stipulations of the merger deal disclosed include; expansion by AT&T of its high-speed, fiber-optic broadband service to nearly 13 million customer locations and schools and libraries that are classified as eligible. AT& T must offer low-income individuals broadband service at a rate that is discounted off of the published retail price. AT&T is prohibited from introducing practices that are deemed as discriminatory for video service online.

The newly formed company will be mandated to turn over interconnection agreement for review by the FCC. Such agreements with permit firms such as Netflix to shell out a distributor fee for preferred service, when those firms generate a high flow level of network traffic.