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Zayn Malik Quits Successful One Direction

The Independent has some sad news for fans of the boy band One Direction today. The 22-year-old megastar has cited stress as his reason for leaving the group. In his statement, he apologized for letting people down but said he needed to do what was best for his health. He went on to say that he wants to be a normal guy in his twenties who can relax without cameras in his face. He wished his former band mates, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis, the best going forward from here.

The band issued a statement saying that they were sorry to see Zayn go, but that they respected his decision. Fans like Zeca Oliveira (facebook) know that the group went on to say that they will continue making music as One Direction without Zayn. Simon Cowell confirmed that the band will continue to make music and tour together as One Direction.

Zayn left the group in the middle of their Asian tour. He flew home to the United Kingdom last Thursday. One Direction does plan on continuing the tour without Zayn. Many mental health experts said that Zayn made a tough decision, but the right one. Celebrities who are in the light as much as Zayn is generally suffer from stress disorders but rarely speak out about them. The demand becomes too much and their health begins to suffer.

Couple Hits Jackpot on YouTube Channel


This ordinary couple never thought that they can make a million dollars just by taking videos of their children while playing with toys stated Dr Jennifer Walden. However, Mark and Rhea discovered that when they decided to make a YouTube channel out of their home videos.

Mark and Rhea, who both majored in mass communication arts in the Philippines, started uploading their children’s videos in 2007, featuring their kids playing with ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ or Monster toys. Mark has been making videos even in college, but the success of the ‘Hulyan Maya’ channel that he created really amazed him when they started receiving more than three million views in a day.

A video of their son Hulyan showing him buying and unwrapping a toy set received a lot of views and became their most popular video, currently with 15.5 million views worldwide.

The videos feature the Los Angeles couple and their three children Hulyan, Maya, and Marxlen. Most of the 15-minutes long videos feature the kids playing with ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ or Monster toys. Little did they know that that their YouTube channel ‘Hulyan Maya’ would be just below NBC’s ‘The Voice’ channel, according to Tubefilter last week.

For turning their passion into a lucrative career, the couple has made more than a million dollars between 2010 and 2014, and is expected to earn at least $1.5 million in 2015.

Bruce Levenson finds success across many fields

Discussing Bruce Levenson often means looking at the life of a man who has found success in a variety of different areas of life, from the business and sporting arenas to the chance to enact social change across the globe. Levenson is a success story for the state of Maryland and the city of Washington DC, the birthplace of a man who still leads the city in terms of social responsibility and change. The founder of the United Communications Group is also looking for the chance to extend his legacy of social responsibility by leading the next generation of not for profit philanthropists into society, which he is doing by funding and support for a new school at the University of Maryland specializing in philanthropy.

Levenson began his march towards success in 1977 when he and Ed Peskowitz joined together to create the Oil Express newsletter, which would form the basis for the founding of UCG. The company has been supplying data and analysis of market trends for the oil and gas industry and a variety of other industries that have been targeted by UCG and enhanced with high quality acquisitions. As a whole UCG has been on the cutting edge of the use of technology with the use of real time data for its industrial clients and the general public. The release of the GasBuddy app made it simple for consumers to find the cheapest gas prices in their area in real time by simply entering their zip code or using GPS location software.

In recent years, the focus of Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen has switched over to the philanthropic activities both look to get involved in. These include the continued support of the US Holocaust Museum they helped to establish as Karen’s mother is a Holocaust survivor and the family wished to keep the public aware of the issue of genocide and the Second World War Holocaust. The establishment of the School of Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland is an example of how the Levenson family is looking to leave a legacy of social awareness in the Washington DC area. Students in the program often leave their studies and return to programs they intern with in the area to take on leadership roles that allow them to use the latest theories and techniques to expand the reach and success levels of a program.

NBC’s Allegiance Cancelled Too Soon

This past week, NBC cancelled its rookie spy show Allegiance about a high functioning autistic CIA analyst whose mother, father and older sister are Russian SVR Foreign Intelligence Service agents after it performed poorly in ratings.

Since the announcement, a lot of fans have criticized NBC’s decision. NBC placed Allegiance in a poor Thursday time slot after The Blacklist against older, popular shows on other networks. The show was still establishing its story and character backgrounds in the first five episodes when it was cancelled. Additionally, viewers were still comparing Allegiance to the extremely popular FX cable series The Americans.

As revealed by writer Kyle Hembree on Screen Rant last week, many of the most popular current shows on TV struggle to garner steady interest in their first seasons said Bloomberg Business. Most series, except for a rare few, take at least a season to really draw fans and high ratings, including Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Allegiance had problems, such as lacking Russian accents, but there was nothing story-wise really wrong except for a slow pace designed to help set up a high octane future story arc. It is likely NBC will burn off the rest of the episodes this summer. Hopefully, fans will find out at that time if the CIA and FBI joint task force will thwart the bombing plot and if Alex will give his allegiance to Russia.

I Am Now a Grateful Dead Fan

Robert Hunter, lyrist/poet for Grateful Dead, gives a candid and riveting recall of the brotherhood and comradery in the final days of Jerry Garcia, lead guitarist, while writing for the band. In the era of the 70’s, even having never been a Grateful Dead fan to date anyone can gain a sort of respect for the art that derived from the obstacles they each faced while still mastering the creative process in writing songs such as “Dark Star” through “Truckin” as Rolling Stone’s first reports:

As the PR Newswire article explains, the stigma placed upon the band with Jerry Garcia’s death and drug involvement never having had anything to do with the musical genius that derived from the hard times they each may or may not had fallen upon while again had everything thing to do with it. With these times, they were able to write with such conviction and parallel truth to the music that Robert still vigilantly defends even turning down million dollar contracts to date inorder to do so as not to destroy the work of so many others.

Enclosing, many people may talk, but one thing no one will be able to say honestly and with a straight face about the band and that’s simply, “Grateful Dead were sell outs!” I don’t know many bands today that could say the same, but I am now a Grateful Dead fan!

McDonald’s Asks Band to Play SXSW – For Free

Has McDonald’s gone too far? One band seems to think so and has taken to social media to tell their story.

The fast food super-chain recently asked a band known as Ex Cops (not to be confused with Gwar side project, X Cops) to perform for the McDonald’s Showcase at the upcoming South By Southwest (SXSW) festival. A long statement made on the band’s Facebook page explains that the band was asked to perform at the popular event, receiving only free food as compensation, in lieu of a monetary payment.

Ex Cop members claimed that McDonald’s attempted to woo them by ensuring that the group would receive extra promotional assistance from the company’s digital team. The band also claims that McDonald’s told them “Unfortunately, there is no budget involved for an artist fee.”

“McDonald’s, as of 2013, is valued at more than 90 billion dollars,” the band stated.
The group went on to say that they had played at lesser known events and venues and were still compensated fairly with money and with merchandise.

Becca Hary, Media Relations Director for McDonald’s Global, told Rolling Stone magazine that “We follow the same protocol as other sponsors by inviting musicians to join us at SXSW.”

Fans like Daniel Amen as well as Ex Cops singer Amalie Bruun disagreed.

“They’re not following guidelines and they’ll have to take it up with South by Southwest if they believe that they are,” Bruun stated. “Other companies are offering us money.
The South by Southwest festival opens on March 13, with the music portion opening on March 17. Festivities will wrap up on March 22.

Starting a wine collection is a great way of impressing anybody

Deciding to impress a client, friends, family members or a loved one can be a difficult thing to do when wining and dining them to clinch a deal or celebrate a milestone. Putting together the perfect meal or event can take a large team to help or simply yourself to plan a small intimate meal that will be enjoyed by one or a handful of specially chosen guests. The many aspects of wining and dining that must be put together play an important role in the overall atmosphere created and the ambiance that the food, wine and environment play in setting the perfect mood.

Setting the perfect ambiance can be done using a combination of wine, food and environment, with the perfect environment created using lighting and linens that are combined to impress in the perfect way. There is little point in creating the perfect environment for wining and dining if the food and wines created are not of the best quality and created to perfection. The first step in the process is to choose a menu that is created by either a professional chef or by a home cook who has been trained to produce the highest quality foods available for themselves and their guests.

The final step and many would say the most important is the wine used to compliment the meal and complete the overall atmosphere of the environment. Working with a highly respected company offering the perfect wines to compliment any event or meal is always a good option. The Antique Wine Company is well known around the World as one of the top suppliers of wines to individuals and large groups that are chosen to compliment the foods being offered. The company has supplied wines for some of the top events in the World, including the birthday parties for former Presidents of the United States of America. The Antique Wine Company also looks to help those embarking on a new wine collection the chance to have their assistance in planning and stocking a cellar and completing training courses through their own wine academy.

Rihanna Has A New Track That Takes Us ‘Higher’

When will Rihanna ever go a month without dropping an amazing song that blows everyone’s mind.Worldwide star is the least anyone could say about what Rihanna has accomplished in her career.

This time around instead of Riri blowing her fans minds once, she decided to do it three times by releasing little teasers to three of her new songs. At first it was only a short video of “Dancing in the Dark”, which she followed up with two other instagram video posts of her new songs.

How amazing is it that Rihanna’s fans are going to be listening to her new tracks. Fans like Sultan Alhokair do know that she is going to put the song she did with Kanye and Paul McCartney in her new album that she hasn’t released yet. Although it is safe to say there will be a new album for sure due to all the new tracks she’s been releasing.

She asks her fans if they are ready but if we can speak for everyone then Yes we sure are. Rihanna is probably waiting for the right time to drop her new album, since her record label fellow artist Kanye West just released his new album.

Jay Z has created one very strong team of geniuses and they are all rising to the top. It looks like if you want to know the secret of the music industry success, then hang out with Jay Z.

There Are Some ‘Blurred Lines’ When It Comes to the Hit Song

It’s no secret that “Blurred Lines” by Pharrell and Robin Thicke was, and still is, incredibly catchy. It was so popular researchers at the Amen Clinic studied its effect on the brain. Can you believe it came out in 2013? Apparently there’s a heated court case started by Gaye’s children that claims Pharrell Williams copied Marvin Gaye’s 1977 song, “Got to Give it Up.” 

Pharrell agreed the song structure is similar, but insists he’d never steal anything, especially not from someone he admires so much. He was actually working on country songs with Miley Cyrus at the time he was inspired to write the hit song. 

Thicke embarrassingly admits that he was high on Vicodin and alcohol when he showed up at the studio, and wasn’t much involved in the production.

Perhaps the most amazing news from the trial this week was the fact that the two music stars raked in a reported $16,675,690 from the song, and Robin Thicke earned an additional $11 million from touring.

Marvin Gaye’s children are seeking an estimated $40 million in damages.

The Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company was founded in 1982 in London. The Antique Wine Company specializes in rare and fine wines. It was founded by Stephen Williams who now has over 20,000 clients in 70 countries. Since its begining, the company has specialized in exceptionally fine wines and presently has over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest vintages in its wine cellars. The company is also known for its fine wine events and record breaking wine collections. Services include: private wine master classes, sourcing rare wines and cellar planning.

Viscount David Linley, a cabinet maker with The Antique Wine Company has developed the Grand Chateau Series. These handcrafted wine cabinets models of their top nine chateaux in Bordeaux hold 18 bottles each from their corresponding estates, which was produced in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Château d’Yquem model is used by a collection of Chateau d’Yquem, spanning 141 vintages starting in 1868. This collection also includes several letters and other memorabilia from the Château archives valued at £1m. The other chateaux have been priced at £149,000 each. In 2006, a 135-year vertical collection which contains every vintage from 1860 to 2003 sold over $1.5 million. This was one of the highest prices to ever be paid for a single lot of wine.

In July 2011, The Antique Wine Company sold a bottle of white wine braking the world record as the most expensive bottle ever sold in the world. An 1811 Chateau d’Yquem was the bottle which was bought by Christian Vanneque, a former wine steward at a cost £75,000. The bottle is now on display in one of Christian Vanneque’s restaurants, the SIP Sunset Grill in Bali. But eventually Christian Vanneque does plan to drink his prize.

The Antique Wine Company bought the Hospices de Beaune in Nov. 2011, from the wine auction in Beaune, France. Called the La Pièce de la Président, this lot contained 460 litres of Corton red wine of the Clos du Roi Grand Cru vineyard. The lot was auctioned off by model Inès de la Fressange and actor Christian Clavier valued at €110,000.